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Nov 30, 2002
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One of my broodmares is a black pinto, homozygous for tobiano. She has a dark head and eyes but is sired by a splashed carrying tovero stallion. This mare is a paternal sister to my loud splashed white overo mare.

The mare's foal from last year is a black pinto with one blue eye. No face white. The sire is Incognito, my sabino stallion. He does have one blue eye. He's not been tested for LWO, but I doubt that he carries it as none of his foals exhibit any characteristics. The yearling filly looks typical tobiano in body appearance. Here is a picture of the yearling filly, Redrock Sasakwa.


This years filly is also a black pinto sired by Incognito and a full sister to the above filly. She has dark eyes and a dark head, but has a 'saddle' on her back with the pointed shape typical of splashed markings. Is it possible that she carries splashed without any facial markings? Could her dam also carry splash without face white and blue eyes? Is Incognito's blue eye likely from splashed white? Here's a picture of Redrock Keota with her dam, JEM Vegas Lady.


One more horse to ponder. My stallion, Redrock Ahoy Captain SOS is a black pinto with one blue eye. Typical tobiano body markings, but he does have a star, snip and a blue eye. He has tested negative for LWO, so I am guessing that his blue eye comes from splashed white? I'm breeding him this year to my splashed white carrying mares with the hopes of getting some loud splashed overos and toveros by him. Here is a head shot.

Becky what color pattern is associated with a 'saddle' on the back? I had a colt this year with the saddle and a blue eye. He has a perfect circle of white on his head.



My guess is that your colt carries splashed white, too. Maybe Sarah will see this thread and give us some insight?
Filly Tpbi + Spalsh

Mare Tobi + Spalsh + Sabino

Foal Tobi + Spalsh - possible Sabino can't really see

Stallion Tobi + Splash (+ possible Sabino)

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