Moonshadow Minis has a very busy weekend

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Jul 12, 2004
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What a great weekend for Debbie of Moonshadow who asked me to post this for her! First Lacey, who is here with me for training, produced a lovely little filly late afternoon on Friday. Debbie wasn't sure that she was pregnant and sent her down to be trained to drive over the winter. Late January I emailed her to ask if there was any possibility she was pregnant as the harness was getting snug to fit
Yup! Sure enough, Lacey was in the family way. I left last Friday morning to give a driving clinic in Bristol, Indiana so Thursday I went around and checked all the mares and put 2 of them in the barn just in case as I was leaving the herd in the care of my very capable but, pre-me, un-horsey hubby, Mike. Lacey, who was showing no signs whatsoever, was left out in the mares paddock. My stable helper called my husband at work to say that one of the mares was foaling. He said "make sure the heat lamp is turned on and I will be home in a few minutes". She said "Heat lamp? The horse is out in the paddock, do you want me to bring her in?"
So of course Mike tore home wondering which mare it was as none of the rest were due yet to our knowledge. There was some confusion when I called Saturday for a progress report as to exactly which mare it was that foaled as all brown mares look alike to Mike! Debbie had to wait till I got home on Monday to know she was a grandma!!! All went well except that Lacey got up part way through with half a baby hanging out and he wasn't too sure that was a good idea. :DOH! Anyway, here she is! Introducing Moonshadow's Fantasy In Lace pictured with her appaloosa dam, Lacey:


Debbie woke up Saturday morning to find the filly fairy had visited with her mare, Bella, overnight and this was in the stall with her - Moonshadow's MoonLite Fantasy:


Here she is up on her feet. What a pretty filly!!! And what a great year so far for Moonshadow with these 2 girlies and her little frame colt earlier - lucky Debbie!!!


My daughter, with her unusual naming system and after lots of hugs, has dubbed Fantasy In Lace, Snowball Fudge - don't ask me why??? She says it would be nice if we could keep her
because she has already given her a name. Debbie said to let her know that her barn name will be Mickey! Mickey says she likes that but will still refer to her as Snowball Fudge.

Oh Mickey is just so sweet! It just wouldn't be half as fun with out her

Congrats Debbie, I'm seeing a lot of silver coming from our farm this year! And Wow, if they aren't fillies then it is a frame overo! Geeze someone loves you!

Beautiful babies
Thanks to Lori for posting for me ....

I just cant figure out that photo thing!! :DOH!

I have been totally blessed this year with three healthy, happy foals.

We are looking forward to getting Laice & Mickey home so they can meet the rest of the family.

Mom & Dad can't wait to sit out on the porch watching the babys play!

Thanks also to Mickey & Mike for watching over my girls while Lori was away !
Congratulations on your pretty girls!! And Mickey sounds too cute, Lori. Snowball Fudge??? LOL
Congratulations, Deb!!!!
Who is the daddy to these lovely girls?
Trehern's Ty Dyed Fantasy a silver black framed overo I convinced Rebecca to sell to me,

after bugging her for over a year!

This is his first foal crop and I could not be happier.

He did the job and did it well!!! lol
Congratulations, a great weekend all around!
Wow congrats!! Two fillies and 1 a surprrise at that, how neat. Congrats

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