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Apr 19, 2004
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Hi Guys,

Was there an SC meeting last night? Things have been nuts for me and I haven't been on the comp much. If there was a meeting can someone send me the minutes please.
Yes there was a meeting last night. I got on late, was out loving on our special little girl to late and forgot
, but I made it there for the last 1/2 hour or so.
Hopefully someone will send minutes to you.
Oh no, I missed it, too. Trying to get son packed and ready to leave this weekend for grad school out of state. Could someone send me minutes or jest of meeting.


Well, there really were not that many of us there, 4 BOD members, and 3 or 4 SCs I think it was. I think that many forgot, or got it confused with the week before. So it was really informal at best.

The following was discussed:

1) 501c3 Status

2) Calendar

3) Buttercup

Although I had a couple of other things to cover, but with the lack of individuals showing up, it didn't make much sense to cover it. I will try to put that into an email as well. I am hoping to send out an email sometime within the next week. Been busy but will try to get this into the schedule.

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