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Jan 22, 2005
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Dunnville, Ontario
I am offering my 30" double reg'd bay stallion as a reward for any information leads to my daughters stolen mini's safe return.

He was stolen from our farm on May 23, 2004.

He is a dapple grey gelding 30 inches and is 5yrs old.

He is broke to drive jumps does obstacle and loves showing off in showmanship.

He was used alot for disabled children.

He is chunky with the quarter horse type head.

My daughter is heart broken over this loss someone came in with a pickup truck and stole him while we were away.

He is greatly missed by all 6 of my children as well as the children in the disabled children program.

I have attached a pic of the stolen mini.

Thank you

Elaine Baker

[email protected]
Sorry I can't see the link to the pic. Also you may want to say what part of the country (world) you live in, so people know where to pay special attention.
There is a website that lists horses that have been stolen. For the life of me I can't remember the site name (sorry), but maybe someone else will. It's something like "NetPosse"...????

I'm so sorry for your children and all the children he's helped.

Please, e-mail me some pictures and more information about this horse. I live in Nova Scotia, and know many, if not most, of the Miniatures around.

As he has been stolen (so will be without papers) I would contact the AMHA, AMHR, and WCMHR, just to give them a "heads-up", should someone try to have a horse of his age and discription hardshipped.

I pray you find him safe and sound...it is a terrible thing, but made even more horrid because it is a child's beloved pet.

I wish you the best of luck in finding your mini, and that the person responsible will come forward!
does he have a freeze mark??

hope you find him!
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That is horrible! I sure hope and pray that your horse gets returned to you. Make sure you post it on netposse, and whatever other boards you can think of. Word of mouth does wonders at times.

He has been on Netposse since last May.

He doesn't have a freeze brand. He was registered with AMHR, unfortunatley he doesn't have any identidifiable markings.


I'm a bit confused as to why you are just telling us this if he was stolen last May?
What is there to be confused about? He was stolen last May and we have been seaching for him since then- we want him back. Until now I didn't know about this site. Also it was only recently that I had decided to put my mini stallion up for reward.

If you have any further questions, or are still confused, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


That is a very sad story, I hope you find your little fellow. If I found your little gelding, I would just get you back together, there would be enough reward in that alone. Wouldn't take your little stallion from you! Your story is every horse person's worst nightmare.

(((HUGS))) I will pray for your gelding's safe return to you and your family.
We are in NY but always appreciate information of this kind ....so very sorry for this awful experience and for your children's loss. We will all be hoping you are reunited very soon ....Please keep us posted.
I'm a bit confused as to why you are just telling us this if he was stolen last May?
BTW... i think this was posted in may... someone saw the story on netposse and posted it here.

I hope you find him real soon Elaine.

Hi Elaine,

I am so sorry you have not gotten your boy back yet. I do remember when you first posted this last year. I do hope the word spreads far and wide and your kids get their boy back. A loss through theft is harder to deal with than a loss through death. We will continue to remember this. Good luck with your contacts Sue C. and maybe a heads up will come from it.

Hi Elaine, so very sorry about your boy, hope you are able to locate him.

I just recognized your name and addy from Kayla's email last week. I wrote her back at the time, but have sent you another email earlier this morning...


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