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Dec 27, 2004
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I was told to ask this question here. Maybe someone here might know. Is there a Miniature Horse Rescue in Maine???
Hi Equinesr2blvd,

Thanks for posting this on this forum. I know you are new to the forum, so you may not be aware that Chances Miniature Horse Rescue covers all 50 States. We have quite the goal. We want to have members who foster, adopt, are state coordinators, and provide transport in every state. So in short, yes, we cover Maine. But, I am not aware of any members in Maine at this point. (I may be wrong on this one! It is so hard to remember where everyone is!!! So forgive me is I left someone out.)

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will gladly answer more questions.
Well covering all 50 states is just about impossible.
I'm going to find out about starting one here in Maine. Maybe cover the New England states. I was told that the Humane Society in windham Me. has some minis right now, where, they are so full it isn't funny. I think one needs to be set ip for just minis. Maybe I'm wrong, But I'm going to find out the ins/outs of starting a program.
I think it would be so much easier/better to do what you're wanting to do under the blanket of the CMHR. Covering 50 states IS difficult, but if there are members in each of those states then it certainly can be done.

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