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Carolyn R

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May 10, 2007
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eastern Pa
Has anyone out there ever purchase one for use at their farm by their vet/equine dentist? I have seen them on ebay, I didn't know if they were worth it or if they were less than satisfactory. Right now my vet sedates, then uses the rubber speculum that inserts into the corner of the mouth and you twist itto wedge the mouth open.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with these.


My vet does have one for the minis. Not sure where he got it -- it is metal with leather straps if I remember right. He does sedate my horses and uses this speculum.

My step dad makes/designs equine dental floats & insturments. We make all of Carl Mitz stuff for him. Your vet can purchase a speculum from him at:
Our vet finally got a mini size speculum to float teeth with. Not sure where she got it, but it worked well for the 2 of ours she did. She did have to punch an extra 2 holes in it to make it tight enough, so it doesn't really adjust down enough for the petite headed horses. Our horse dentist does not have a Mini size speculum, but does have mini size floats.

Perhaps because 'manufacturing' is misspelled....

Sorry it miss spelled it probally! I'm running late for work this a.m. But a sure way to get there is if you go to my website and look under my links page, the it's the first one on the top to the left and it will take you there.