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Jan 10, 2022
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Hello Everyone,
Aggie's hoofs have slowly been changing, and lately I've noticed ridges appearing on her hoofs. The edges have been peeling more lately and the tops of her hoofs are appearing flakey. There's been no change in her diet and other than the abscess she's had no soundless issues with her feet. The changing color and ridges are concerning me more than anything.


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It's my understanding that horses show body "trauma " in their feet. The tooth issues, diet changes, meds and stress all go to the feet. It takes about a year for a completely new hoof to grow out. If you look up near her coronary band they it look healthy. Keep the coronary band healthy & nourished and the hooves should grow out pretty again. :)
Very cool! You can probably tell the line where you got Aggie and the time when she was not well looking at those lines. You'll also see dents and ridges when you change farriers as each trims at their own angle. They'll show diet change and weather changes too. I'd sure like to learn more about hooves but those still look nice and healthy to me. I had a farrier tell me using some Crisco on their hoof wall and sole will keep them moisturized. And that's a heck of a lot less expensive than most hoof dressings.
Yes, I would expect that with all the problems she has had. Diet, weather, stress, antibiotics, not getting nutrients because you can't chew all shows up in the hooves. It doesn't hurt to ask your farrier but it wouldn't worry me at this point. By summer you should see the top inch or so looking perfect, and by this time next year the whole hoof should look good. They do look a little dry to me, you could try some sort of hoof dressing, a hoof supplement, or just let it go. They tend to get dry certain times of the year here, and I haven't had any real improvement with either dressings or supplements.

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