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Mar 23, 2012
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Does anyone know where to find small barns to purchase for 2 mini's or small barn plans? I was thinking of building a 2 stall barn. Each of the stalls 8'x10' with dutch doors in stalls leading to the outside. Also a 4' wide hallway for some storage. Horses wouldn't be in the 4' hallway area, but would just be an area for me and some storage. Overall the barn would be 16'X14'.What do you think of the stall size? We live in VT, so long winters. Also how high should the dutch door window be so they can see out?
Ahh I see you haven't gotten the 'you can't just own one or two bug'! LOL! I would suggest a little bit bigger hallway - 4' is a little small for storage and if you needed to bring your minis through the storage area - it would be nice to have a little elbow room. Might I suggest looking at Lowe's or Menard's or a Home Depot in their building materials area - they have plans on sale for small barns.

As for the height of the door - take a yard stick and put it under mini's chin - if they can't see over that - then adjust....?
Thanks! I'll have to check out those plans! : )

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