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  1. HannaHH

    New Mini Owner - Potentially Pregnant Maiden, Overweight Mare

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a mini horse and I am fairly sure she is pregnant! I am very concerned about her, however, as she is extremely overweight and to the best of my knowledge has never foaled before. She was in with a stud for at least a full year before I bought her and the owner...
  2. Ginaoz

    New mom needs advice

    I am going to be picking up not only my first mini but my first horse ever in a week or two after she is weaned. I have a stable arranged and a trainer picked out for both of us. My question for all of you with mini experience is whether I should also get two? I've been told by several "experts"...
  3. Jens

    Mini Barn Plans??

    Does anyone know where to find small barns to purchase for 2 mini's or small barn plans? I was thinking of building a 2 stall barn. Each of the stalls 8'x10' with dutch doors in stalls leading to the outside. Also a 4' wide hallway for some storage. Horses wouldn't be in the 4' hallway area...
  4. Jens

    Best fencing for mini's

    I've only had large horses in the past and have always wanted a couple of minis. I currently don't have any horses and want to put up some fencing at my house so I can get 2 mini's this summer. I was going to fence 2 areas, one being 80 by 80 feet. Is this a fair size? I also was thinking of...