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MeadowRidge Farm

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Dec 9, 2002
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Jasper has been with us for almost 2 months now, I thought it was time to introduce him.
. Jasper is a rescue (but I did have to pay $100.00 to get him out of his situation!) he was beaten, because he was a little kicker, and he was also starved, and had long hooves. He is gaining weight nicely, has trimmed hooves, and has only raised his foot to me once, and not in a kicking manner either. Now instead of running to the opposite side of his stall when I come into it..he meets me and wants attention...BOY..does he ever. He runs up to greet me when hes outside. He is doing very well. Here is Jasper. Sorry for the dark picture. Corinne
What a cutie. Glad that Jasper has a loving home and someone to take good care of him. Congratulations .
I love the white on his face - he is so lucky to have ended up with you and Bob!
Sam, COme on over to the other side of the state for a visit when Wiks comes up and you can HUGGGGGG! Corinne
Connie,, one of these days I just might...My Mom and Dad live in Oshkosh with my Brother living in Appleton,, so when I go visit my family I am not that far away from you then~! lol And I just might go little further North and see your critters..And I then can hug those wonderful long eared donks.. lol..
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Sam..that would be great! I remember you telling us that you family lived in Oshkosh, and Appleton.. I'm a little further north...about 1 hour 20 minutes from Appleton. (or 1 hour from Green Bay) I'll have LOTS of ears for you to (((huggg)))) Corinne

Jasper is also a lucky little man that you found and saved him.

He has such of a pretty face. I just cannot imagine what these animals think when they have been so abused and then come to a good, kind and caring home. I'm sure it takes them a looooong time to gain back their trust in humans.

Corinne you sound like a remarkable person with a heart of gold.

Give little Jasper an extra hug from me!!
Hi Donna, I have been very fortunate with my rescue donkeys, most come around to being friendly and wanting attention in a short time. After I get to that point of trust we work on other little things, like with Jasper his kicking, which he was only doing out of that didnt take long at all, now with Clementine its leading or standing along side of her, she is afraid of being hit in the head or face, and always wants to be looking directly at you. In the short time she has been with us, my hubby can now lead her as long as he stays off to the side and not in front of her neck region. She does lead with her head in a downward position so we know she is feeling comfortable about doing it and trust us, I would guess within the next few weeks she will be leading just fine. THEN we have Earl...he's a standard from Montana, the barn comic and everyones favorite! His problem is he HATES going out of the barn , and dont like women in his pasture....but loves every women that comes to visit him when he is in his stall. THANK GOD, there is only ONE Earl!!!!

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