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Oct 20, 2005
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Life has been anything but dull the last couple of weeks so haven't done much reading on lil beginnings but just had to share Maximus.

About a week ago my brother called wanting to know if I wanted a bottle calf, I didn't but as fate would have it one of our stock cows lost her calf during the snow storm we had come through a few days prior. We were on our way to my mother in laws Birthday party and told Lonnie to drop him off in the barn and I would tend to him when I got back.

I was quite surprised to find this in the barn when I got back.


Maximus was a little better than a week old and 35# soaking wet, to give you perspective the average birth weight on our stock cows is 90#. He is out of a miniature angus cow and a brahma bull, note the "hump" on his back. He was only about 5" wide across his back, cuter than a button, cocker than anything that small had any right to be. His new mama thinks he wonderful as well as it took all of about 2 minutes for her to decide that she loved him, much to the kids dismay as they really wanted him as a bottle calf.

They just got moved out to the big pasture yesterday and Maximus is still cockier than he should be but I guess when you have a 1300# mama to back you up you can be.


Anyways I just had to share, he makes me grin I find myself calling "Max-e-mus" like a wrestling announcer when I see him.
OMG he is so cute!!!!! I want one so bad but they are quite pricey unfortunately :DOH!
What a great story that your cow accepted him as her own...animals are truley amazing...and wow, he is tiny...and oh so cute!
Oh My God.......he is too cute!!!
I love how he is curled right up next to "Momma", and how you can barely see him. LOL. We have angus also, I cant picture one of them with a mini calf. I am glad he has her to protect him from all the big scary things in thirs world......

Is he going back to your brother when he is "all growed up"?

Too cute, thanks for sharing,
He is VERY cute. We got a bottle calf about a year(?) Angus steer.

My problem is that Hubby got him for meat -- His name is Hamburger. But he's so friendly! I'm not sure if I'm up to being a farm girl.
He is VERY cute. We got a bottle calf about a year(?) Angus steer.

My problem is that Hubby got him for meat -- His name is Hamburger. But he's so friendly! I'm not sure if I'm up to being a farm girl.
We raise Red Angus X cattle and one of our neighbors Charlois Bulls got into our pasture and we now have "Turkey", a white steer that will be hamburger. [You know the other white meat.
Oh I just love a story with a happy ending!!! Max-E-mus is precious...and Momma sure thinks so too!
OMG Was talking with Lonnie and he told me that he had a new heifer calf t-i-n-y and he sent me photos. Well if you though Maximus was cute hold on to your hankies.


I hate that there is nothing to show just how tiny she is but she is in the neighborhood of 20-21". Maximus is still my favorite though.

Yes this fall Maximus will return to Lonnie. Unless I can convince my husband to go the extreme calving ease route. I can not bring myself to call him Max, he is just too cocky for such a small name.
Ohhhhhhhh so can't they just be pets? LOL

Do they having to be named Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

or in MaryAnn's case, Hamburger LOL

We've a rule at our house.......we never eat our friends....

So if it lives here it's a pet/buddy/pal/'kid'

Very very very cute as is the tiny tiny babee girl & her Mom! need to stop posting these pictures!!!
That little baby girls is just precious...and I love her momma too!! I keep saying that one day I'm going to get me a little minie cow....everytime I see pics of them it whirls that idea all over again!

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