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Dec 28, 2004
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Hehe, I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more for some new ones! I am sure we all would love to see some! Got any recent ones?
Yes the highlight of my early monday morning is reading a post from you about tiny Tim
Sorry! And thanks for asking.

I'm just too busy here working on the barn, trying to get the horses in there asap before the bad weather kicks in. We are down to the wire on the weather thing. That scares me. Katrina really did some damage around here and my present barn is hanging by a thread. It can't handle anymore bad weather and this time Jerry agrees that it's about to give way.

We started working on Friday morning 7:00 am sawing and drilling and well everything and I don't think we stopped to pee until after dark last night. That reminds I want a potty in there too!

Anyhow, Timmy of course was underfoot constantly into everything in there, but that's a good thing. We wanted him and Holly to be where we could see him and keep an eye on him so we let him loose in the barn yard along with all the horses. He's quite a ladies man! (But tried to nurse on the wrong mare..........)

So needless to say, I wasn't running around with a camera.

I am backed up here with tons of work so soon as I get a minute to spit, I'll get you a Timmy fix. He's doing wonderful and he's doing wonderful things to Jerry, you know, the guy that only cracks a smile and grunts once a year now glows and laughs outloud daily at the sight of this little boy!

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