Marty!! Marty!! Where are You??

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Jul 6, 2005
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Burleson, TX
I need a Holly fix as I am hoping your mare foaling will set off a chain reaction & make my mare foal!!! Mare stare on my last mare to foal is getting hard. You know when you are down to poop foals, hay foals, running to the barn in the middle of the night with just your pj's on cause its TIME only to be greeted with a sleepy mare staring back at you with eyes that say no not yet & you think you have it hard?? Try carrying it for 11 months!!

Let us know......

OH stop it I"m right here lol and I'm so hot and tired and cranky I'm just not fit to live with any longer.Shall we just have a "tired of waiting club Sherry"?........ and there is no Holly update cuz Holly has decided to keep the foal in the oven forever. I guess she knew I was going to take Fetus and put Fetus in my bathtub with bubbles and then powder Fetus dry and put many scrunchies on Fetus and put Fetus in my bed with me and Tracey. I understand your waiting very well. Chain reaction would be good. You can go first Sherry!

So in lew of waiting on Fetus I wrote this:

Here I sits

staring at the cam,

night after night,

I'm weary I am I am.

The over-do mare

moves about to and fro,

she's so fat

she's going to blow.

She waddles around,

picking at her hay,

the clock says tonite is over,

and now it's already today

Everytime she passes gas,

I think the foal's coming outta her atlast-

and then I take another look,

it wasn't a foal just another poop!

Her sides are moving,

and her tail's a twitchin,

and from side to side,

her butt she's itchin.

The shadow's in her stall,

are mighty tricky too-

we've had a bucket shadow foal,

and a foal that was really poo.

She pushes her butt,

into the wall with a thrust,

oh this poor mare,

she's gonna bust!

And as I doze off

the buzzer I hear,

is screaming inside

of my little ear.

No rest for the weary

how right they are;

I look like Elenor Rigby

with my face in a jar.

I'm too tired to sleep,

I'm too tired to lay,

I can't believe,

that my foal is not here yet today.

How long can she hold out,

before she explodes?

It's going to be a whopper too,

cause she's carrying one heavy load.

So when's my foal coming out?

I just don't know.

I hope it's sometime soon,

before it decides to snow!

So let's have that foal

be born pretty fast,

so I can curl up with y'all

and sleep in the hay with y'all atlast.
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That was a great Poem Marty! I loved it!

I am sure it will be any day now!
I love your poem!

I'm sure you'll have a new little baby to play with and love on any day now!
Great poem! We're hanging in there too.

Geesh...what am I going to do with my time once the baby is born?? I spend all of my time staring at her!
Oh, Marty, you do WELL on sleep deprivations!!! LOL!!! Gogo, GO HOLLY GO! Gogo, GO HOLLY GO! Holly beeeee gooooood.

If you are still "sane enough" to write a cute poem like that then you are NOT tired enough --these mares have a 6th, 7th, 8th,9th & 10th sense about these things and will NOT release their baby until you are so incredibly tired that you can: walk, talk, feed the horses - & go to the store for milk - all while you are still pretty much asleep! And then when it finally does happen you will SPRING INTO ACTION and deliver the foal and THEN not get any sleep because you are too excited and worried about the new little bundle of joy ----


If it's any consolation, Marty......I've never heard of a mare foaling out a baby old enough to go to high school.....YET. But knowing you, ANYTHING is possible!

What a wonderful and witty poem! You're so funny! Just remember, the wait won't be as long as it has been. Soon, you'll behold the most beautiful little foal you've ever seen. God will restore your energy and bring even more joy to your heart. You won't even want to leave the barn. We're all excited about Holly's baby. Prayers are there for all of you.

God bless,

I already can't stand the suspense of Holly foaling..I can only imagine how you must be feeling!!

Hang in there the best you can and I'm hoping she popped out that baby this weekend!!!!
Great poem, Marty! Try that times 10!!!!

Actually, once that foal is here, you'll wonder where all the time went.
It's what these mares do best, making us crazy lol. I thought surely by now you would have a foal on the ground but there have been many times I just "knew" a mare would foal within hours.....and sure enough, 3 weeks later she did! Hang in there

Marty, I'm sure Holly is sitting there laughing at you... because thats how pregnant mares amuse themselves.
lol. I love your poem. Very cute... you should read it to Holly and Fetus and have a "story time"! lol.

I guess she knew I was going to take Fetus and put Fetus in my bathtub with bubbles and then powder Fetus dry and put many scrunchies on Fetus and put Fetus in my bed with me and Tracey.
That made me smile!

Don't worry Marty! That baby will come soon!


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