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Dec 24, 2002
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For those of you that use your local garbage removal system to haul off your manure.......

Do you have to bag it or do you dump it straight into the provided "dumpster"? I'm looking into it until we can get a dump-bed trailer, just because I want to be nice to my neighbors.
I use my city trash cans for all of my show barn manure removal! I have 4 of them that stay by the barn. I fill them and pack it in. I'm guessing they probably weigh around 250 lbs when full! I use my riding lawn tractor to haul them to the street on trash day. No, I don't bag it. I really like doing it this way. With the lids on the cans, it keeps down the odor and the flies. No complaints from my neighbors!
Thanks Becky! My neighbors aren't complaining cause we keep it all spread out and mixed in to our sand. I'm just wanting to start getting rid of it now. We have a service that provides the roll around dumpsters that hold quite a bit of trash. They have a bar in the middle that attaches to the truck to dump it.

How do you attach them to your lawn tractor? We have an ATV that I use to pull a dump trailer to haul it all now.
My dad made a bracket that is bolted to the back of the mower behind the seat. Then I use "S" shaped hooks to hook in the handle on the trash cans and attach to the bracket on the mower. The trailer hitch on the mower is too low. The cans need to be tilted as if you were going to pull them by hand, but no lower as everything would spill out. It works great! I found that I can take two at a time to the street that way.

I tried moving these cans by hand to the street initially, but they were so heavy, I just couldn't do it. Pulling them with the mower works great! The City only charges $6.00 per month for each addtional can, so it really is a bargain.

I used a regular big trash dumpster for a year or so that had to sit by the street. With that, I had to bag my stall cleanings and still had to get them to the dumpster. It wasn't easy and the dumpster was costing me $50 per month or so. So I had it removed and went the way of the city trash containers.
Here in eastern MA we are not allowed to put it out with the trash or take it to our local dump. We have to find alternate ways of disposal. We currently compost ours and give it away


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