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Dec 19, 2004
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My mini lost her foal last night. It was stillborn. I never even saw it move. No idea what went wrong. I am so sad and have a very upset mini mare:(
I'm so sorry, how heartbreaking for you.
omg! I am soo very sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you...

That is so heartwrenching for you both. I am so sorry.
I am so very very sorry, I feel your pain as I went through it this year as well. Hugging you tight!
So sorry that the foal was lost.....

Did you try foal CPR?? If the foal appeared to have died during the foaling itself... or just never seemed to breathe on its own... sometimes you can bring them back....

It is always hard to lose one...
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{{{{{HUGS}}}}} for you, and your mare. It is a very sad thing for you both to be going through.
Please accept my condolences. I can only imagine your grief and heartbreak.



[SIZE=14pt]I am your little Angel foal[/SIZE]

the one you did not get to know

even though the seed was planted well

I simply just could not thrive and grow

This was just no fault of yours at all

I know you did what you could

but sometimes we all are not meant to be

even when we did what we should

I tried at first to meet you

but then I heard a call that was just for me

Then I was surrounded by many angels

and that is how it was to be

I became so very quiet and still

and it was a lovely moment of peace

things became so wonderful and bright

as your worldy sounds began to cease

I was not to be born here with you

I was destined to not to be part of your earth

I was chosen to be very special

instead I had a heavenly birth

Do not cry or despair for me

all flowers just can't bloom

be quiet as I am in comfort now

and heal your heartache soon

I am a happy healthy foal now

I have wings on my shoulders that can soar

do not overly grieve for me

as I am in heaven forever more

by Marty Garrison~
I'm SO very sorry! I know the pain of loss and I send you {{{{{Hugs}}}}} of comfort. A hug for your mare too.
I am so sorry for your loss.....

Suzy Hooper

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I am so very sorry. We here on the forum totally understand how you feel and what you are going through.
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your foal. Many of us unfortunately, understand your pain.
I am so sorry hugs for oyu and your little mare

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