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Aug 18, 2003
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Information/photos on the English Appaloosas, I would especially like to know their color/pattern:

-Wantsleys Mithril

-Wantsleys Isolda

-Wantsleys Ariel

You can e-mail me the photos: crayonboxminiatures@ comcast.net
Kim what exactly do you want to know- I used to know Liz Seymour well, and have met all these horses on many occasions. I do not have pictures but can describe form memory. Ariel- Mithrils sire- Grey - Roan base near leopard. Mithril - just over AMHA limit- he'd have fitted if Liz had measured to the mane instead of the withers- also heavy grey-roan base- could hardly see the spots- roaning is a problem in these lines- we had a son of Ariel's- Mordred- who was a beautiful Sorrel base Blanket when we bought him (Liz did warn us it was a "false" blanket) and he's in , I think, Holland , now and is white!!!! Isolde is a Palomino base mare with some spots. What else?? Oh to my knowledge Isolde has never thrown a spot- I do get Liz's Palomino's muddled up tho' so I might be wrong on that one!!
Hi, I too would love to see any pictures of these horses if anyone has any?

Jane, thanks for the information to.

Thanks Vicky
I'll see what I can do about pictures- perhaps try Janice at Kilcummer- there is a link on the studs part of the board???
Thanks rabbitsfizz,

What was their base color (chestnut/bay/black), I am trying to research the pedigree of my newest stallion to find out if he could possibly be homozygous for black. His grandsire (dam's side) was Wantsleys Sarsem an imported bay roan minimal appaloosa stallion. He was by Mithril, out of Isolda.

Are the parents of Ariel known?

I do have a photos of them from the breeder I bought my stallion, but I couldn't tell what their base colors are from the photos, as you said they all seem to roan a lot.
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I have this picture of Mithrill, note the huge forelock in a ponytail! And here is his granddaughter Sarsems Flashdance. She is the dam of our Appy stallion Showcase Newsflash.



Below is Flash.

Kim you need to contact the British Spotted Pony Society


Mithril and Ariel were both registered with them- Ariel has an extended pedigree but I cannot remember it, sorry. Mithril was born Black, I do not know about his sire. Isolda must have carried Agouti, and you would need to see pictures of Sarsem NOW as all those horses went white eventually- except Ariel and Mithril!! Ariel's was so white when I saw him I did not identify him as a Roan- but apparently he was- he was, I think 18 when I saw him. Mithril I did not like at all- which is why we spent a fortune on Mordred instead (not my money
) Mithril was a horrid murky "grey" colour with a big plain head - very typical of British Spots ( I'm ducking as I say that, by the way
) And although he was only 34 1/2" he looked MUCH bigger (I measured him so I know he was) Both horses were slightly lunatic- I have now a grand- daughter of Wantsley Tintagel and she is a COMPLETE lunatic, so it is definitely in the blood!! Mordred was a complete space cadet- right form the start, a loony tunes, out for lunch horse!! He also tried to kill a foal when we were covering and that was it for me!! He went, pronto, no way am I breeding that into my line. The only daughter of his I kept I lost to pyometra. Any use to you, any of this???
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Wantsley Mithril was a leopard that carried the true roan gene, no grey, has been approved in Holland many years, and they to not allow grey!

He died in 2002, he was 86 cm on the top of the withers so he should have been a-sized.

His father was Wantsley Ariel.

Linda I am sorry but you are incorrect- Mithril was definitely over 34"- by Liz Seymour's reckoning, and by my having measured him myself for her- I knew her well!! That is a very flattering picture of him, by the way. I still think if we had measured him to the last hairs he would have scraped in but Liz would have none of it!!!

There is no Grey in the Wantsley Spotted Ponies. It is all Roan- which is almost as bad!!!
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If u are interested in Mithrills extended pedigree I have some of it listed on my website. Go to horses and the stallions page and click on Showcase Newsflash to go to his page and its on there.

OK- I see where the Roan has come from- This makes Mithril 7/8 Native Shetland- 1/8 Spotted breeding- Liz also bred Shetlands. Marshwood, Wetherden and Wells are very old Shetland bloodlines. I might be able to find the colours of these animals if you want, or possibly you are only interested in the "Appy" lines???
The horses that are approved bij the dutch appaloosa studbook are measured many many years, they have to come to the yearly studshow every year, and if bigger they will be corrected, so I have no doubt he really was 86 cm on the top of the withers.

Maybe he needed a hoof trim when you measured him...
Thanks everyone, this is terrific information!

Marshwood, Wetherden and Wells are very old Shetland bloodlines. I might be able to find the colours of these animals if you want, or possibly you are only interested in the "Appy" lines???
I would love to have these too, I research the base colors, not just appy.

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