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Aug 18, 2003
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My feedstore made a mistake - I had ordered 10 bags of LMF Lo Carb Complete, and they accidently mixed in a few bags of LMF Super Supplement Formula. Unfortunately, they will not take it back.

I've looked on the LMF website & it looks like this stuff is a vitamin/mineral supplement - does any one here use it and if so, what do you use it for?


Liz R.
Ask again....if you ordered one thing and got two different things, someone other than you needs to have the "wrong stuff" in their possession.

Call the sales rep if the feed store won't help.
I use it for feeding to my horses that I can't feed much grain to.

I can't understand that they wouldn't take it back.

It is a supplement, and I have had good luck with it.

Liz M.
I also don't understand why they won't take it back if it was THEIR mistake?

I'd be very upset if I hadn't ordered it, yet had to pay for it! I would definitely be "making some noise" to the appropriate people.
I use the Super Supplement for all my horses. The "G" formula supplements what's missing in grass hay and "A" supplements alfalfa. I like the product but if I were you I'd insist they take it back and get with the manager if you don't want to change your feeding program because it was their mistake.
Any feed dealers around here would make it right but not one of them would take it back. Before feed came in plastic woven feed bags it was in burlap bags that were recycled time after time and were worth a ten cent deposit. In these times with mad cow and every other sort of sickness and disease no reputablle dealer would take a chance of selling it to anybody else after it had been unloaded at your farm. So its easy to see why they will not take it back. Just think about some of the "less than diserable" barns and feed rooms you have seen and think would I want somthing from that place in my feed room ? But as I said they should offer to make it right either as a store credit or a cash refund.

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