LJ Creekside Minis first 08 foal!!!!!!

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Nov 22, 2004
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northern ny
Proudly introducing Creeksides Halgonian Buckwheat, colt out of (sire)Kays MLF Alfa High Hopes-chestnut pinto,29" and (dam)Pomaineville's Daisy Mae, 35"-silver buckskin pinto, born Friday, 4-04-08, conveniently at 10 pm.LOL

Usually, these foals prefer to arrive in the middle of the night during the week when I have work at 5 am! Never fails
I found him shortly after birth, shivering on the wet rubber mat with wet sawdust, and the temp. was about 45 degrees.I dried him off and dipped his navel. I was terrified he would get ill through his navel being that the stall was wet from mom's water breaking and dirty from being stuck indoors that day(pouring rain outside). In another week , I was planning on opening up the stall to make it a double and fill it with straw as I usually do.Her last foal was only 2 weeks early.Geesh!!!!

But.....Daisy did a great job in her tiny quarters and the baby is healthy. He was 5 1/2 weeks early, and needed some bottle feeding, as I was getting nervous he wasn't finding the milk bar .He was very inactive the first 2 days, but by Sunday he was racing around the stall, leaving skid marks at each end! He loves attention, too.

I can't wait to get him outside, its just been so cold and windy this week.I don't like indoor photos , but I can wait no longer to share pix of him........would you say he is a regular buckskin or a silver buckskin, the black mane/tail make me wonder?! Thanks for letting me share .......




Hi Karla!

Daisy's sire is Halgonian Thriller Best Bet and grandsire is Lucky Four Halgonian Thriller.

The colt's paternal grandsire is KS Lov Potion No Five, 2x AMHR National Top 10 .

P.S. Please tell Harriet how much we love the Halgonian bloodline, thank you
Beautiful baby! Congratulations!
Congratulations! on a handsome little man! WOW!!! 300 days gestation - scary - I know how worried I was with my filly at 306 days.

Looks like he is doing great - love his color!!