lightly foundered/foundering mare

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Dec 8, 2003
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she is 6 years old and gorgeous, about 13 hands, looks like a welsh, with a lovely dishy head and a sweet disposition. Dark dark Liver chestnut with 4 tall whites, huge blaze and blue eyes, silver mane and tail. Sabino for sure! Nice straight legs. Has not had much done with her, but she halters and leads easily. She is a worrier by nature and needs a confident handler, someone who can reassure her. She should go to someone who is experienced! She belonged to an elderly lady who had her in a pasture as a pet. She is grossly overweight (we have her on a diet now!) Feet have not been trimmed in a loong time (we are taking care of that today) I believe her founder is still/again active due to the smell of her body, her breath, and her poop( if you have doctored as many as I have, you can recognize an "off metabolism" that way!) She will need extensive attention to her feet, a very controlled diet, a turnout and stall with thick, soft footing, and may need to be shod for the rest of her life. I will be arranging for her to see the vet for xrays to determine the care and shoeing she should recieve. She must go to someone who can and will provide these things for her. She should not be shipped long distances due to the founder and her soreness still present. (I think this is a mild case and not a raging full out case at this time) I am no expert, but I think with proper management, she could go on to be a great driving or riding horse or a broodmare. We will know more after we see the vet. Crossed with a thoroughbred or a small arabian, or Caspian she could make the fanciest sport ponies imaginable. Anyone who is interested in owning her and willing to give this girl what she really needs, can email me at [email protected] so we can discuss her healthy future. References will be checked!
HI Deb

You are such a sweetheart for taking on this mare! I have to come see her. I hope you find her the wonderful home she deserves!!

Dixie had her hooves trimmed today. She was a bit uncomfortable having it done, and struggled a bit with the hind feet, but the farrier said most of her trouble was from hearing the snapping of the nippers. He thought that it reminded her of the popping of an electric fence. She is moving much better now that she doesn't have a huge flap of hoof on the front of each foot. She also behaves as though she feels better! She hasn't laid down since she had her feet trimmed, and has stopped camping up beneath herself on her hind feet. We have her in a dirt and gravel lot and she has not walked as though she is sore. Once her poor tendons and muscles get a chance to get stretched out and firmed up I think she is going to be OK.

Will know more as I observe her the next few days. I have had email questions regarding her training. I guess it was not clear in my other post.

Dixie is not saddle or harness trained. She is 6 years old and I was told she had foundered as a 4 year old. So far it appears she is only mildly foundered. If she has any backsliding or discomfort I will take her to the vet for xrays to see if her bones have rotated. Her feet do not look normal and the farrier said she had some separation on them... that would indicate at least some dropping of the sole. More when I know it... Kay, come see her any time. I just want her to have a good home with someone who will meet her special needs.
hey deb

maybe i could come take some pics and we can post them here on the forum
I have a couple of photos of her, but you are welcome to come over, and also welcome to post them on the forum for me (since I am a know nothing rookie at posting! ) Thank you KayKay
I have had Dixie around a month now and just thought I'd update this post a bit.

She is moving much better now her tendons and muscles can stretch out with feet trimmed to normal length. She still seems a bit tender when she moves over the stretch of gravel and cement in the back lot, but will trot willingly, if carefully, so she can't be hurting too bad! she has lost about 40 lbs so far but still is grossly obese... she needs to lose another 125 or so... The vet was here and gave rabies vaccine to all our ponies and drew blood for coggins test. (aargh- we have a family of skunks to evict!)

The person who was interested in Dixie has decided not to take her at this time due to personal circumstances, so I still need to find a good home for her. Dixie does not seem to be actively foundering at this time, she is eating well, her stools and body odor are normal and her water intake is within the normal range. She does not lie down more than an average horse, and in all ways seems to be headed back to health and stablization. She will need regular hoof care and careful control of her diet all her life. So anyone interested in adopting her has to consider that as part of her every day care, and be willing to provide it. (requiring extra time and money!) Dixie has proven to be a joy to be around, gentle and loving of attention, she is first to greet you at the gate, begs to be scratched and petted and loved on. She is very intelligent and anxious to please, and would be easy for an experienced trainer to teach her to ride or drive. please email me at [email protected] if you would be interested in giving this lovely lady a home!
Best possible news! Dixie will go to a new home with a loving and experienced owner in about a month!
Please keep us posted... You never said where you were. I'm glad you found her a new home. God Bless her,

Lynn W
Dixie is settled into her new home and is doing wonderful. I already have a foundered mare and I've teamed them together. They are stalled side by side. I never thought I could love a blue eyed horse, but I sure do this one. She is an absolute angel.

As soon as she comes in season I'm breeding her to my Caspian stallion and trying for a blue eyed half Caspian.

I live about half way between usmcshamusmom and kaykay.
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hey mary is that you?? Nice to see you on the forum!!! we are all neighbors!!! Lucky me

Hi Mary--didn't know you were posting on the Forum now
You didn't Lurk nearly as long as I did before you got your feet wet. Now we have usmcshamusmom, kaykay, yourself and me all within a stones throw, and Countryhaven and Cathyjo are only a bit further, the Forum is alive and well and a fair-sized chunck of it is dwelling in central Illinois
I am so happy that she has a new home. I love happy endings. Congratulations....

Ginny StP

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