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Aug 30, 2004
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Hi - I have a B size miniature 2 year old gelding that I want to drive but here is the problem:

I got a leather harness from a friend that I might buy from her and she never used it but every thing else in the set looks like it should fit but the leather surcingle part - it seems to be 5-6 inches to small - question is I live in canada,Manitoba and I have heard of people getting or making extensions so it will fit their minis.

My dad even said that maybe some place here sells the extension for them - he said it kind of looks like a leather belt so I can make the underpart fit - is this possible and does anyone have any photos or ideas on how if possible this can be done ?? I am getting a great deal on this set and it would save my $$$ on buying a whole set. Never mind trying to find anyone here that carries things for minis.

My boy apx - measured 36"Tall but all around my geldings belly where the surcingle goes I measured 55" and I measured the whole under part of the leather surcingle from buckle to end and it only measured apx. 51"

Need help and ideas as to how to make it safe and fit my boy - but have to keep in mind he still is growing.
I assume you are talking about the belly band which comprises the lower portion of the back pad. You should be able to get a suitable belly band from any person who makes or repairs harness. I would caution you that if the belly band is that much to small the rest of the harness might be just as ill fitting. Make sure you try all the parts on your horse. It is possible some person might have used a smaller belly band just to fit a tiny animal at some point. Look carfully at any used harness your are contimplating purchase of. Some are very good and others have been put up without care and might not be servicable. Points to check are the croup and croup strap, traces and buckles. buckles should be sewn on not rivited. Straps should not have major cracking from dryness and the whole harness should be supple and flexable. If you can rip a strap with your hands do not try and hitch a horse with it.
yes I believe it is the belly strap - it is not long enough and there are no more holes - it is brandnew never used... I did try the other parts and it fits but the belly part is just not long enough to do up --- this is why I figured a leather belt about the same width as the surcingle straps will work - considering all I want to do is make the strap longer so I can do it up and still make it usable.
The belly band normally also includes hold downs (2) which wrap around the shafts so in order to be complete it will include the belly band with a buckle at each end as well as a holddown strap on each end to come up and wrap around the shaft.
All you will likely have to do, is order a larger belly-band. (girth)

I have about four different sizes myself, as I have several training harnesses which are interchangeable with any horse which is to be trained at the time.
I called the place where this was bought and they said that all I would have to do is measure the inside of the buckle on the surcingle and look for a leather dog collar that will attach to both sides of the strap and that should do it - another question is where should I add pads around the brest collar and where else just so my mini is comfortable and also to protect the leather from the horse sweating ?- my dad has one for the brest part and I think for behind the leg and under the tail part - and I am not sure but I think he also has one under the surcingle at the top and under the belly - I think he really babies her but he does plan on giving rides with his cart so she will be working longer than what I plan on doing with my gelding - it will just be down the road and probably no longer than 1/2 hour the most ?
Well I hope I fixed my problem with the short belly band - I took it to the leather maker in town and he is going to make it bigger plus he is adding some removable padding for it as well. He also showed me how the head gear goes as well --- yahoo -- now if I can find a cart/horse trainer here in canada that is willing to travel to my place to teach me and my gelding how to drive.

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