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Feb 25, 2004
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Anyone Know if mini's are considered in the "breeds" that are included in the Kentucky breeders incentive funds??
Imay be wrong, but I dont think so, here is a posting of what i Found online,

Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund

The Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund was opened up to many non-racing breeds in early 2007. These incentives can be substantial for horses bred, foaled in KY and that perform well within their respective breed!

To give some background on the topic, the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) has been quite successful since its launch in 2004. In 2005, the Kentucky Horse Breeders Incentive Fund was introduced. In short, the Kentucky horse breeders incentives are funded through the sales taxes from stud fees.

The funds are then given back as monetary awards to Breeders based on their horses performance in their respective industry. As an example, for Thoroughbred horse owners - the money awarded is based on how well they performed on the track. The non-racing breeds are awarded based on a point system within their respective associations.

Recently, in addition to thoroughbreds, many other breeds were granted funding and provided incentives in this program.

Those additional breeds and associations include:

Kentucky Appaloosa Owners Association

South Central Hackney Association

Kentucky Morgan Horse Association

Kentucky Mountain Horse

Kentucky Paint Horse Club

Kentucky Paso Fino Horse Association

Kentucky Saddlebred Owners and Breeders Association

Kentucky Walking Horse Association

Kentucky Quarter Horse Association

More breeds are likely to be added in the near future.

The funds are distributed to each association based upon the approximate number of registered horses within each association. And since its a self funded program, it helps create interest in horses and farms in Kentucky while being able to sustain itself without costing taxpayers any additional money. Its a win/win.

It appears that this program is working - and working quite well.

These incentives have created a tremendous amount of interest within the Kentucky horse farms and real estate industries. Many persons across the country are now wanting at least a satellite farm for breeding and foaling purposes in Kentucky. Some are relocating their entire horse breeding business to Kentucky.

KEEP estimates that the horse industry’s economic impact is $4 billion annually. KEEP currently has membership of over 11,000 persons and representatives that are team leaders in all 120 counties in Kentucky.

I also found this article to about how much is being allotted, you would be suprised how many quarter horse breeders are moving into central ky, it is amazing really. We own a real estate company,a nd just in our town, we have had three quarter horse breeders move in this from out of state this year.

Senator Thayer Announces 2007 Breeders' Awards

Frankfort – Senator Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown) announced today award amounts for the 2007 Kentucky Breeders' Incentive Fund. Thayer is the legislative author of the Breeders' Incentive program. The KBIF is funded 100% from the six percent sales tax on stud fees. The total KBIF awards will total $19,220,007, up from the $15,000,000 in awards for 2006. Below are the statutory breed amounts of KBIF awards, with 80% allotted to Thoroughbreds, 13% to Standardbreds, and 7% to qualified other breeds.

Thoroughbreds - $15.5M (breeders incentives)

Standardbreds - $2.85M (sire stakes purses)

All others: (For 2007, the percentages are based on an allocated amount of $1,370,007)

KY Appaloosa Owners Association (4.49%) = $61,570

South Central Hackney Association (1.20%) = $16,408

KY Morgan Horse Association (1.23%) = $16,872

KY Mountain Horse (12.06%) = $165,178

KY Paint Horse Club (8.42 %) = $115,323

KY Paso Fino Horse Association (1.03%) = $14,139

KY Quarter Horse Association (32.60%) = $446,629

KY Saddlebred Owners & Breeders Association (10.68%) = 146,381

KY Walking Horse Association (28.28%) = $387,506

"These are positive steps to help Kentucky's horse industry, " said Thayer, Senate chairman of the Horse Farming Subcommittee. "It is gratifying to see the fund grow over 20% from 2006 to 2007, a sure sign that the fund is accomplishing its goal of attracting more horses to Kentucky's farms. This will create more equine commerce and a more robust economy, and help Kentucky maintain its position as Horse Capital of the World."
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well that's a real bummer.. do the Mini people just not want it or is it hard to get on the list or what??
At our March 16 Bluegrass Club meeting Norm Luba, past president of the Quarter Horse Association spoke to us on how the AQHA set up their incentive program for the quarter horses.

He explained that to establish a club ( the Kentucky Miniature Horse Breeders ) that would work as an "umbrella - type club" representing all of the miniatures in the state of Kentucky was an excellent idea. This is an incentive program, not a subsidy program.

Earleen Roberts brought the club up to date on the status of the Kentucky Miniature Horse Breeders Club (KMHB). The KMHB is now affiliated with AMHA & AMHR. The president is Earleen .

This info was taken from our Bluegrass newsletter along with a bit more information. Earleen will be updating the Bluegrass club as new information is available. The directors from our club are Don Rickert & Diane Wright............................. Added, Anyone wanting to keep up on the latest news on the KMHB may join the Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club & read the news as it is reported in our clubs newsletter................................. Here's the link to the Bluegrass Club membership information

Youth Membership $10.00 (under 18 years of age)

Single Membership $15.00 (over 18 years of age)

Family Membership $20.00 (2 adults & dependent children under 18 yrs. of age)

Farm Membership $30.00 (3 adults & undetermined number of children
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Miniatures are not currently members of the KyBIF. If they wish to join it, they must have a state orginization(club) and submit a proposal to the Racing Authority before December 31st. New "member" breeds are invited to apply, and current members to re-apply, every three years. This year is a renewal year. The next would be 2011 for the 2012-2015 period. The information is avalible on the Racing Authority's website.

Currently, ONLY PEDIGREE associations are allowed to apply for BIF monies. Color breeds such as Pintos are not allowed. Pedigree breeds like Paints however are invited.
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thanks for the info! that was helpful. I think an incentive program is a great idea for many breeds. might help up the quality of animals out there.


yeah i had looked at the racing page and saw the list but I knew there were at least one or two more breeds that weren't listed on there as a friend is a Arabian person and said Arabians are on the list now so i figured it never hurts to ask if anyone knew if mini's had been added yet.
Arabians are NOT on the list... they are applying for 2009. There are actually several arabian subsets very excited about registering for the money, but none are approved yet. Final names are distributed after the Dec 31st deadline. Breeds are only added at the beginning of each three year renewal. The current period expires Dec 31st, and the next period covers 2009-2011.

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