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Mini-Max (Christine)

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Mar 5, 2004
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Shelbyville, KY
Well it really looks like we are heading to KY hopefully soon! Our house in Florida has not sold yet, but we have a lot of lookers. My hubby wants to arrange to board the horses during our transition that way he has time to repair the barn and run the fencing. It will only be a month possible two. So, I was wondering if anyone can give me good reference to board three geldings in Kentucky. We are moving to Louisville area, but can board with in a good driving distance. We plan to bring the boys up before we close in FLA that way we know they are there and waiting on us. Then after we close in KY it will take us a week or two to complete the fencing. The new house has none!

Thank you,

I'd go to the breeders connect part of this forum and look under KY.

I have seen that many do board.

good luck

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