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Aug 22, 2003
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I know this probably belongs on the pony board, but for some reason, I never read there. Besides, her little one is part mini! So, how is she doing?
I talked to Kaykay this morning on the phone, and as of about 9:30 am (Illinois) good ole Patchie was still hangin on to that baby. LOL
Yep shes still preggers LOL. They ask me everyday when i go to congress if shes foaled. I told them they will know cus ill come in yelling and screaming
Last night her bag FINALLY got big all of a sudden. So we thought maybe it would be last night. Nope. But i am hopeful since her bag is staying big now and not shrinking back up. Shes also walking around with her tail hiked so IM HOPING for a weekend foal. Im PRAYING so hard for an easy delivery with a healthy baby. My foaling season started in April and its now Aug and we still arent done. NEVER AGAIN.

Thanks so much for thinking of me
Oh I hope for a weekend foal for you Kay, those signs sound awfully promising.

*scolding Patches* don't you dare do a fake out again!!

I pray all goes well, too. You need a nice easy, no complications birth, and healthy foal.
Praying for a great delivery, a gorgeous healthy baby, and sleep for you Kay!!

Our mares next year are going to be due over several months, and I am already feeling tired thinking about it! LOL

Good luck, I'll be watching for baby news!