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Nov 30, 2002
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Who decides what horses can be/should be rescued?
Hi Ashley

This is decided by the BOD. I can say so far we have never turned down a horse that as been brought to our attention. In Nells case we were contacted by a large horse rescue asking for our help with her. Teddy was brought to us by concerned mini ppl that saw an ad for him on the net. Mona was brought to us by fate that day that Cathy and I happened to stop at a farm to look at minis. Ginger was donated to us by the owner who could no longer care for her.

I have not heard yet on the mini that is at the U of I with strangles. Her adoptive owner has not yet decided if she will take her back. If she does not we will probably take her into CMHR. This was also another case of a large horse rescue

I hope i am answering your question. As word of CMHR gets out we are being contacted more by large horse rescues asking for help.

We have also had MANY cases where rescues and indivuals just want advice and support and we always give that but we rarely post about it.

Then we have cases where we have offerred help but for whatever reason they do not take us up on it.

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