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Apr 18, 2004
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I just bought my daughter a mare that is 12 years old. She could be preg. by

a mini or a jack. I have no information on her about when she is due. She need

lots of TLC. She is very underweight. I am trying to figure out how much feed

to feed her. Right now we gave her a 1/4 cup of feed and 1/4 cup of oats because

i just brought her home. I will increase alittle at a time until she puts on some weight. Does anyone have an more that I can do for her?

thank you all.
[SIZE=14pt]Give her some hay and you are going to have to increase that by LOTS over time.... My pony mare that is 10 and pregnant gets 2 pounds morning and night of sweet feed and a pound and a half of hay cubes morning and night. She is in good wt and not needing to gain. every day give you mare a little more till she is up to about 3 pounds twice a day if she is 40 inches or over.[/SIZE]

if she really is in poor weight i would not give her oats and grain. I would give her hay only and GRADUALLY increase it until her weight goes up and then add grain. How tall is she?? Bless you for taking her in
thank you kaykay and lyn for your reply. lollipo is eating hay and grain with no

problem. she is not as skinny as some of the pictures of other horse i saw

on here. I have a problem she has with some kind of skin scabs. I look for

lice their was not lice. It is all over her body. does anyone have any ideas

on how I can treat her? It is cold and wet outside here in delaware so I don't

feel I could give her a bath or shave her either. I also have no history

on her other then she was with a mini stallion and a jack ( I hope a mini jack).

I received a coggins paper. I even call the vet that stamped the paper and

the vet doesn't remember her so I am on my own. An help would be


thank you

mini me
[SIZE=14pt]Scabs can be from old bites, could be from rain rot I would first dust her with SEVIN dust for lice ...after about a week I would wash her with Creosol and water two cap fulls per gallon of water. That will clear up anything that she has. How big is she?[/SIZE]

If in doubt about the scab problem, I'd have the vet check for ringworm fungus or mange as well as lice. Each requires its own special care to get rid of. Creosol and some other common "washes" can be dangerous for pregnant mares or foals, not to mention humans and other critters, so I'd not jump in to use that immediately. Your post does not give enough information to make a solid diagnosis regarding the skin trouble. Best to get your vet to give a professional opinion for the safety and health of everyone.
I bought her a the delaware state fair ground they had an auction for all breeds and grades of horses. I didn't want her to go to a meat person. one horse sold

for $175.00 a young stallion big horse and other went for $300.00 and $600.00.

some didn't sell because the owners wanted alot more money. I do not know

alot about horse I alway wanted a horse now I have 9 horse. I love them so

much and I lost a mini mare and foal last year. This mare looks like the one

I lost and the one I also have now both are mini's.


we just went out and measured her and she is 10.3 hands and weight 575 lbs.
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Oh OK I was just wandering because I went to an auction and there was a 12 year old mare. BUt I live in Ohio so nevermind!!

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