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Aug 21, 2003
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Up until this last show I have never took time to get really a good picture of this filly "Peas" (Erica's RFM Spring Thunder). I really love her and she has the best personality - just a sweetheart.

She is a yearling and is showing as an over yearling mare. She has had a great year with 6 Overall Grands this season with the limited amount of shows that I go to, and I think she will be even better next year.


Thanks for letting me share, this picture is from the IMHOA Fall Fling show in Peoria, IL Aug 14/15 taken by Darcia Kovarik of coure the scanner took out some of the quality and made it darker.
She is stunning now, but I agree.........just wait until next year!

[SIZE=14pt]She sure is gorgeous the real Peas would be very proud![/SIZE]

Very pretty mare, congrats on all her wins.
VERY nice, Erica! She definatly deserves those winnings....and I can't wait to see her next year!!

Thanks for the kind words on her, I am a little partial, but I like her lots too...
I noticed that picture of her on another thread either yesterday or this morning and just had to sit and gawk at her for awhile! She's like a beautiful, perfect statue. Her head is so exquisite with that prefect snip like the icing on a cake and that swan neck of hers -- it is very, very easy to see why she has had a wonderful show season! I've admired all the pictures I've seen of Peas, but this one is exceptional!

Congrats on her wins! Brian said she is

really nice.... He was right, She is really pretty,

Best of Luck at the Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She looks great, Erica! Definatly deserving of her wins... I can't wait to see her grow up and how she matures!

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