Just a Funny Pic of Heidi and Riley

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May 16, 2006
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London, ON
A few days ago I was doing stalls and the goofs (my Berners) were out back playing. I checked on them and all three (Callie, Heidi, and Riley) were lined up perfectly. I thought, hey that would be a great pic! So I go and get my camera and come back. Wouldn't you know it, Riley and Heidi, the two most people loving sweethearts, come running up and jumping on the door etc. while Callie, who is terrified of everything new or vaguely unfamiliar -not sure if she was abused in the past or that she's just a nervous dog- bolts, afraid of the CAMERA! She is definitely a one person dog; she adores me, but anything new and she's off
Sure didn't come through in her pups. They are all social butterflies lol. Anyhoo, off track a bit there. This is the pic I got. Heidi is the pup -looks more like a dog now- on your left and Riley's on the right. My sweet kids

They are adorable!!!

We used to have a dog that was afraid of the camera as well and she never got unafraid! She'd slink away like we were pointing a weapon at her
And she was a SMART dog, too. Just quite camera shy
Now that's what I call picture perfect!! I just love these huge pups...and their big black wet noses!!!
Thanks guys! They are the sweetest. Everyone should know and love a Bernese Mountain Dog; big babies!

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