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Nov 30, 2002
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This was a late decision. We did not "pre-enter" a class or a stall. We just decided a week or so before the Central Point Show in Oregon that it would be fun to take our little orphan guy, Jeffie, and have my 8 yr old daughter show him. So, I started e-mailing poor Liz (Nootka) for the class schedule, motel information -- etc......

Brianna and I bathed Jeffie (his first bath) last Tuesday. He actually enjoyed it! Then, it took Larry and me three days to clip Jeffie -- just parts of him at a time so not to stress him. He took it like a little champ. Larry usually likes to PLOW right into a clip job and get it over with....but Jeffie is HIS baby and so his whole approach changed. The moment Jeffie indicated he was getting tired, we stopped.

I DID reserve a motel room for Brianna and me, then on Friday we loaded up the mini van with suitcases, grooming supplies, horse feed, AND Jeffie.....and us girls were off! Jeffie handled the 4 hour ride amazingly well.

It turned out that Jeffie was the ONLY weanling stallion in the class on Saturday for the AMHA part of the weekend. And it was a hoot. Brianna was NOT shy with the judges.... and made lots of friends with other exhibitors in the Championship class with all of her compliments over their outfits AND their horses. (I was on the rail trying to shoosh her!) Meanwhile the audience behind me were all giggling......

Please note in the photo of Bri leaving the class....the poor steward in the background.....I SWEAR he's wiping his brow because the class was OVER! LOL!



The second photo is of Brianna and Jeffie just before they were going into the class.

I'm going to write a little more about the show in the next post.......

That is wonderful! The show, the time you spent with your daughter. Getting the baby (both of them), ready for the show and the "family" involvement.

Good job and congrats on Bri's wins!

I just wanted to add how WONDERFUL it was to see so many folks I used to see every show season and lately it's only been on line (thanks to Lil Beginnings, I should say.)

Unfortunatley I missed some folks who had left just before Brianna and I arrived, such as "Jo" and Michelle of Wesco Farms.

Other Lil Beginnings folks that I DID see were Mark Bullington (the show announcer), Annette, and of course Nootka (Liz). Both Annette and and Liz were having great shows and I'll let them post when they get home.

I WILL say that Liz had a great birthday present with her winnings in her gelding class with Mouse. It was amazing to watch how that little guy just seems to come alive in the show ring! I've never seen another horse ....or even a person on stage...quite like that. It was amazing to see...... but I'll let Liz tell you all about Mouse and his winnings.

(Happy Birthday, Liz!

This is just all about total cuteness! Jeffie looks gorgeous! Holy cow what a difference since I saw him last. Bri is just as cute as a button and look at how proud she is holding her ribbon. Now there's a team to watch out for! Well done Bri!
If I had known that Bri was going to show Jeffy, nothing could have kept me away from Central Point, and I'm sure Keith and Daryl would have been there as well!

I agree, this is the team to watch, and this is just the beginning

Bri, I expect to see you up here for the Boring Schooling show, where I bet you and Jeffy will knock everyone out. I can't wait!
Maryann - I did see Bri show Jeffie and she did a fabulous job! She was setting him up and everything! She definitely made the judges smile.

I'm sorry I missed you, as I did mean to ask Liz where you were, but was not in the best of moods with the heat (Oregon is suppose to be cooler than the Central Valley, CA!!!!) and the lack of anywhere to get something to drink, so by the end of the color classes I wanted a shower and lots of liquids!

Poor Liz did suffer through my growling though while I admired Mouse and her weanling filly - another super performer in the show ring! She is stunning, the photos really do not do that filly justice!

Other Forum members there were - Sandy (sedeh) showed her two at the AMHR portion (she saw Liz's hyperbike) and Kathi (wcr) was there for the AMHR portion and on Sunday being a supportive show friend as we weren't showing. Another of our friends, Nicolette, was showing her stallion, Desperado, (chestnut in full coat with the gorgeous tail), that she showed in solid color and in the senior stallion classes both A/R. I don't know how she did on Sunday as I had a alot of static on my cell on the way home.
Both of your babies look amazing. What a cute hand clutching that ribbon. I"m sure she didn't care that there was only one in the class. I won my 50 and over class a couple of weeks ago. And, yes, I was the only one in the class. But I deserved that blue!
Yay, Maryann, Bri and Jeffie looked so great out there!

I was so happy to see you all three there and enjoying yourselves. I have missed you and your family at shows these past few years!

It felt odd to be answering YOUR questions about the show when it used to be the other way around, you answering patiently MY questions, so what comes around goes around.
(I remember you working so hard w/that show in Redmond, we enjoyed it a lot, but knew you sacrificed much to put it on).

Congratulations on the win, and I hope we can see you and your "team" more often in the years to come.

Bri was so cute, she came up to Hilary and told her "I'm all spiffed up, cuz I'm going to show!"



Liz M.
...on second thought...

Why wait for spring? You all need to bring Jeffy to the state fair next weekend! Just a short trip over the mountains...we need a Bri and Jeffy (and Maryann) fix! (...and we still need to meet Larry!)
Aww, susanne, I, too, tried to cajole them into the State Fair, however MA said they have a star party in that time frame, and it conflicts!

What wonderful photos!!! Look at your babies all grown up!!! Is this the same little girl that was going to run away from home last year? She sure looks she's changed her mind!!! Very, very cute!!!!!

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