Is she?

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Dec 18, 2002
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This is Gracie at 219 days (if she's bred):


She's a 34" maiden. The WeeFoal urine test told me she IS bred, but I know the test could be wrong. She hasn't shown any heats, but I currently don't own a stallion and my gelding isn't man enough for her (LOL).So do you think she's bred or just fat and fuzzy???

I'd say yes! I would like to see a side view though. She looks a little larger on her left side and that's the main reason I'd say yeah; a bit lop-sided.
Here ya go:



All three pics were taken Saturday (for her AMHA transfer). Wish I'd thought to take some last summer for comparison... :DOH!

I think she is, too, but I've been fooled (with a different mare) before....... So am going to second-guess myself for a long time now!

Thanks for the input,

I vote yes she is......she looks about like Sofie did at that point, with her first foal. She got quite a bit bigger between 8-9 months gestation; before that just looked a little chubby in the middle
Probably so, but the next three months you should be able to see it for sure.

One day she may just "explode" and look huge to you.

Hope so!!!

Oh boy Kari,,,, babies babies babies!!! Good luck... I don't know what a pregnant mare looks like anymore. It has been YEARS since we have had one.

Does one dancing cowboy having anything to do with this conception?!????
Nope, that would be the preliminary moves to a certain volcano.


(the cowboy).

Sure looking forward to seeing that baby!

I've got to be honest and say I don't see it. Then again, my mares--pregnant or not--are always on the FAT side. Here was my mare that just foaled at just short of 200 days:

I hope she is for your sake as these mares can be so tricky to tell!

I thought my mare had to be because she was growing and getting wider every month. Plus the wee foal came out pos.But after bloodwork and 2 US, Nope she isnt. But she sure did look like your mare. But that doesnt mean yours isnt!

Hope you find out and keep us posted.
Edited to add my mare is also 34 inches.


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I think no, but she is a very long boddied mare and they can hide babies in there pretty well

Good luck.

Tiff, didnt you mean just short of 300 days?

Tiff and Bonny, are your girls maidens?

Actually, Kim, Liz, a Cowboy IS to blame!! But not that one. Get your minds out of the gutter. Sheesh.. the people I associate with...

Yes, Kari. My Bonny is a maiden. She is 4 years old. She was very tiny we I got her. But over the last several months has gotten bigger. 43-52 inches in 4months.... Even the vet was surprised there was no foal when he saw her.

But it could have been because she was so unhealthy when I got her and half starved.

But she was bred this past feb so we are waiting to check on that. My vet doesnt US internal only external and he said he doesnt have the experience to find a (at the time) 65 days fetus.

So I am waiting until close to 100 days to do a blood test.

Has your girl been confirmed in foal any other way?

And I was also going to add that Lyn was accurate with my mare when I was so confused.
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Tiff, didnt you mean just short of 300 days?

She actually went 351 days, but was just short of 200 days along in the photo. Sorry for the miscommunication!

Tiff and Bonny, are your girls maidens?

This was May's second foal, though she did a very good job of regaining her shape in the two years between.
Thanks, everyone!! I plan on having the vet do a blood test on her, and I'll let you know what the verdict is.

Well honestly I thought my mare may not have been bred when she first came ;

Probably about 230 Days.

Theses photos show the difference of 3-4 months. She looked barely in foal February 13th even the below photos was Janruary 13 she foaled April 27.



Week Before Foaling

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WOW Devon!

That is amazing!!! I can believe the difference in 2 months!


Cant wait for the update! When are you doing the blood test?
Yep that was a differance of 3 months
Big differance.

They REALLy grow in the last months

And she had a Big Baby :p
Jeez, Devon!!! Amazing!!!

Not sure when we'll do the blood test, seems my vet is in Peru...


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