Is she still Palomino

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Dec 24, 2002
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Wylie is beginning to shed her baby fuzz. She still has the white mane and tail but her color is a little darker than before. She does have a little red tint but it doesn't look like the sorrel coloring. You can see the new color on her rump going down her back legs.

She is also staying small. At 2 months, she is only about 25". She knows her name and comes when I call her. This is her today with my non-horsey hubby giving her scratches.

looks palomino to me! what color are her sire and dam?

She isnt a mule is she?

Yes Gage, she is a mule. Color genetics don't really count. Her sire is a chocolate jack and her dam is a grey and white pinto.

This is daddy:


This is momma:

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oh she is such a cutie!! I just didnt now cause her head looked real horse but the ears were big so I didnt know!!

If she is a mule and her sire or dam dont have the cream gene, I have NO idea!!

She's cute though!!!!

The dam could carry a cream gene. Her filly last year, when bred to a blue roan, was a buckskin. That filly greyed out too.
Oh my gosh she is sOOO cute!! :)

And what a neat color on a cute little mule whether or not she sheds off a little darker!

I love seeing pics of New Mexico also!! I'll be making my annual trek down that way in the Fall.

Susan O.
oh really, I would have NEVER guesed she had the cream gene! I am stumped on that! She almost looks cremello? But that could be the pciture!! i still have no idea LOL I am not really that good but with a mule I am REALLY not good!! I usually now the cream gene ones, but if the mare or stallion dont look like they have it, I get confused LOL

sorry, I bet someone else can help though:)

I would say she looks palomino to me!


Liz M.

Susan, if you have time........Wylie loves to meet people!
I'll have to look on the map and see what it would add to go by there :)

Susan O.
If she were a horse foal it would be simpler!!As with everything else, Donkeys take the colour rule book and simply kick it out of the window
Got to love them, though. I would say she is Palomino + Sooty- hence the darker "sooty" patterns over the base coat. Sire also has Pangaré which could affect the Palomino, but could also affect very light Sorrel to make it mimic Palomino. I would think the simple answer is the easiest- She looks Palomino, the mare is obviously carrying Cream (I had a Grey mare do that) so she probably is Palomino. Who cares anyway, she is SO cute I could just pick her up and take her home!!
Oh Shawna, I just love Wylie! I'd say palomino for sure. Isn't she just the cutest lil thang!
Oh my gosh!!! Wylie is so adorable!!! Looks like she LOVES attention!

I'm with everyone else - who cares what color she is!! She is just tooooo cute! But my first "guess" would be palomino!

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