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Dec 11, 2002
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It goes without saying that I'm a little distracted right now.
With relationship issues and my husband's health, I'm tired but still going and still on top of things. So, last night, I had a pretty good laugh at myself.

I got home around 7pm with plans to sweat a stallion's neck and lounge a mare. There were some storm clouds in the horrizon with some thunder, but it had been threatening to rain all week with nothing so I thought nothing of it. Took the stallion out of his stall, undid all the wraps, put the lotion on his neck and rewrapped him. Because it looked like it MIGHT rain, I turned him back into his stall while I worked the mare. It was still thundering, but no visiable lightening. Took the mare out and headed for the loungeing pad. I don't think she made two laps before lightening shot out above my head. And it was weird
lightening too. Not a bolt but just a big flash like it was up in the clouds. In fact, the entire evening was like that - flashes going off.

It doesn't take a whole lot of lightening to get me back in the house. I won't even close metal gates during a lightening storm (think electrical cord!!). So, back to the stalls we went and there went a good night's worth of work. I decided to leave the stud as he was and come back out later to feed and wash his neck. I checked the stall to make sure it was secured and then be-lined it straight to the house. 8:30pm rolls around and its still a light show outside. I still had to feed and wash the stallion, so I had to just deal with it and do it as fast as I could. As I was trotting out to the stalls, I looked out into the pasture and noticed something different. There was a "new" black spot against the woods I hadn't noticed before. It struck me as odd but I wasn't going to sit around and ponder on it with the gods throwing darts at me. When I reached the stalls, I noticed I was missing a horse head. Normally, there are 4 heads sticking out their doors. Now, there was only 3. I went straight to the stallion's stall and looked in. It was dark and he's pitch black. I squinted, is that him in the corner? No, that's a pile of poo. The door's shut and secured. Where the @#$#% did he go and how the @#$#$ did he get out? The entire evening was just errie. No rain, just electrical storm, and even that was weird. No bolts just general flashes. I was really starting to think I was going crazy (good thing I made that drs. appointment!). How did he just up and disappear? Aliens, maybe?

Then, the sane Carin, took over. Ok, he didn't just disappear, he must have pushed the door open. He's only 34", he could do that. He definately couldn't have jumped out. So...where'd he go? Then I remembered the "black spot". I turned around and called for him. The "black spot" moved. Aw ha! There you are! But its lightening.....I'm not going out there....but I have to wash his neck.....but I'm still not going out there.

Mom always said the way to man's heart is thru his stomach so I guess that would work for a stallion too. Fortunately, the little escape artist came running when he saw the feed buckets come out (he doesn't miss any meals) and I was able to catch him without getting struck by lightening and finish my chores for the night. I laughed as I ran back to the house thinking about the panic that initially set in when I realized I was talking to a pile of poo and the black stallion hadn't magically disappeared (or abducted by aliens!).


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