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Aug 23, 2007
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Northern Nevada
I was wondering who might be coming to the Show here in Reno May 7-8 10-11? We are only showing 1 class each day but Jessie (my 10 yr old niece) has trained the horse.
I did explain to her that this is her first show and she may not even place. She understands and said she won't be hurt. We will see.

My husband and I will be there. I am bringing 2 horses. My yearling gelding for AOTE geldings and one of my older geldings to attempt Ammy Hunter and Ammy Showmanship.

I am really looking forward to the shows.
First time I've been off the place longer than a day since Championships last year.

Sure hope it warms up. Never know about the West Coast in April/May....we've hit rain, hail and snow this time of year going up.

See ya there.

My 10 yr old niece is doing Liberty on wednesday and Country Pleasure on thursday. Then we are doing the same classes in the Saturday/Sunday show. We are bringing 2 horses but only showing one. They are pasture buddies and the you know what hits the fan if they are apart for long periods of time. If we have any problems with them sharing a stall we will just take the one we are not showing home. I am less then 5 miles from the show grounds. Also, we should have good weather. We are hitting the low 70's this weekend.
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Hi Katiean:

My husband and I will be unable to attend, we're still on foal patrol, but one of our horses "Lost Spoke's Bambi Kiss", a chestnut appaloosa filly, will be there with Austin Van Wyck of Victory Lane Training Center.

Cheers to all who are going we wish everyone all the very best!

I was hoping since we are a bit closer to the Nor-Cal show held in Reno there might be a few more people that will be coming. I would like to meet other forum members at the show.
I think John and I will be there. i hope to see you there! I would love to meet people from the forum! I am not sure yet what day we will be there. I will post when I find out. We are about 4 hours away.

Shelia B.
Just to let anyone know that is coming to the Nor-Cal show here in Reno we have been having a lot of ground activity. Last night a 4.7. At first they thought it was a 5.0. In the past day and a half we have had well over 100 earthquakes. Lots of fun. They are actually centered about 13 miles west of the actual city of Reno.

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