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Aug 24, 2004
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Rockford, IL
We proudly introduce Romeo's Juliet. She is a light brown donkey jennet foal born last night at 10:35pm. Was the wierdest delivery I have ever seen. Mom pushed her out to the hips. Then proceeded to get up and walk around smashing the poor thing into the side walls of the stall. We immediately stopped her and she laid back down and pushed the foal the remaining way out.

She is just beautiful and we are so happy to see girl parts for a change. Had to double check to make sure we were not just hoping so much we imagined girl parts. She is very friendly and so huggable.

Here she is. Sire name is Romeo so we named her Juliet.

: Ahhhhhhhh how sweet!

Donkeys are so weird
Cute, cute, cute, who's her mom? I hope I get one like that!
Her mom is Gem's Mae. You can she her on our website. on the donkey page. She is a very dark brown with white. Her sire was a brown/sorrel.


What a cutie
: I love her color! So glad you were there for the delivery...was it Mom's first time? Love her name too
: Teri
Thanks everyone. I am so in love with her already. She is our second donkey foal this year. The first being the sweetest Jack. He left Monday for his new home. I actually cried. I just loved him so and had a hard time parting with him, but we can't keep everyone of them could we.

Juliet is here to stay. She hopfully broke the cycle of all colts/jacks. We were beginning to think be better start having water hauled in from some place else.

Teri to answer you questions. This was Mae second foal. She had a Jack last year for someone else.

Thanks again everyone.

Traci and Family
Traci you are too funny, planning to haul water in from somewhere else... :lol:

my Betty Jean, due in the spring, has 4 daughters that i know of (and i have 3 of them), from 2 different jacks. wish that meant i could count on another jennet but i am not holding my breath! i myself had 3 girls (also from 2 different "jacks" LOL). but it's not the water, Betty Jean just came here from Texas and i've lived here almost all my life... and actually my oldest was born in CA during the short time i lived there.

cute baby though, glad you got your girl!!

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