Inovale CDE OREGON 2008

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Kellie in OR

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Jan 5, 2008
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Hi everyone,

I hope it is OK to post this information and link. I don't know how to reach people any other way.

On the the 4th of July I went to the CDE at Inovale in Philomath Oregon. I got to watch the dressage portion of the VSE's. While there I took a bunch of pictures to practice with my new camera. This also gave me a way to study different carts and harness since I am in the learning process to get my two mini's driving. I was getting ready to delete the pictures off my hard drive to make space, when I wondered if anyone might want their picture that I took. So I have posted them on my shared photobucket account. So if you see yourself, please feel free to copy and save.

Please keep in mind that these are amateur photo's that have not been cropped or edited in any way. They are less than a second in time and may not be perfect. Please do not make any negative comments about the horses or drivers. If someone wants to make constructive criticism of my work to help me learn to take better pictures, that is fine. I will leave them up for a few days then all will be deleted.

I really enjoyed my day at Inovale and thought everyone has fantastic horsemanship and very nice drives. In fact I had such a great time that next year I plan to volunteer and work so I can learn more.
Shoot, no pictures before I share my results! *LOL* Oh well. Inavale was fun and it was nice to meet you. You got some great pictures.


I forwarded the web site to a couple of gals from down my way. You got in some good practice taking those pictures. You did get some nice ones. That is so much fun. The one thing you might try, and it is the hardest thing for me, is trying to catch a side shot of the horse when his leg is at full extension at the trot. There is one of Leia and Kody that you caught at almost the exact moment of full extension. With a digital camera that has that delay after you push the button, it is very hard to catch exactly the right moment. I am sure there are some cameras that work better than mine. I am looking to buy a new one and it seems like people on here suggested a Canon Powershot. It has the feature of taking rapid fire shots, which I think may help in getting that exact moment of extension.

Anyway, good job and it is nice of you to share them.

Diane in OR
Hi Kellie,

Thanks so much for posting your photos. Very nice! I love to look at CDE pics and dream that "someday, that could be me..." And I also check out everybody's carts, harness, and clothes, of course.

So, thanks again and keep up the good work!

Hi, Kellie,

Are you also a member of [email protected]? That is another way of communicating with Miniature horse people in the NW, but this is great because it's world-wide. I love the pictures, I really want to go to a CDE and see what it's like before I attempt it. I haven't the equipment nor a horse with the training to do it, but I do have the interest, especially with some of the antics in the breed association(s) of late.


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