Image was at it again!!

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Hey guys! Look what I can do! Betcha cant do this!


Image: Did you see me? Huh huh huh did you? I was going fast!! Super fast! I was raceing, Then I ran barrels like mom and and and then I bucked like a rodeo horse does! Did you see me?

Rodeo: We were to busy trying not to get run over!

Ernie: Im outta here, its to hot to play with either of you!


Image: Ohh no you dont! Come on uncle Ernie lets play!

Ernie: Its HOT - do you not know the meaning of 95 and humid? Go play with your mom. MOLLY come get your brat! Im sick of babysitting!


Image: I'll race ya uncle Ernie, I really will, come on! Back to the barn, come on!

Ernie: Hey.... do I look like a race horse to you?

Image: Well no... your kinda short, fat and you have a funny forelock.. like a 70's afro!

Ernie: HEY you.........!


Image: Haha too slow, youll never catch me now shortie!

Ernie: Darn, rotten, no good, bratty little, why I outta... I cant loose to a 3 week old.... HEY who you callin shortie?! And whats wrong with my afro! Get back here!


Whew! Im hot, fan time!


While all this goes on.... here stands Miss Molly

These are too cute..
I love seeing your pictures and captions and really look forward to them. You should really think about a book with Image and

the captions you add.. You are really, really good at this.
I'll say it need to make a picture book with these captions. I would get one for my grandson. Begin with Molly meeting her true love and how she looks forward to her new baby and the blessed event and then ALL his wonderful adventures. You have a nice way with the words and your pics tell the story perfectly. Please never stop. I love seeing the gang and Molly is exceptionally lovely and Image...gosh there's nothing like a new colt.
LOVE your pictures Nicole!
Your such a good story teller, maybe you should write a book!! LOL!
I'll say it need to make a picture book with these captions.
Actually, I am looking into writeing books with these pictures. Right now I am working on a book of Lizzy and Rodeo - geared towards helping kids deal with a lost loved one like little Rodeo is going threw. I just sent in for info on getting books published. Although I might just do my own publishing and make books at home, cheaper, the books wont be as great of quality of corse, but I have to start some where I guess. Im working on it

It's not Image was at it again, it's NICOLE WAS AT IT AGAIN!!
Cant argue with that I guess LOL!
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