I'm worried about our new baby, Wags

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Aug 17, 2003
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I know this probably belongs on the Donkey forum, but no one is there. I also posted on the Back Porch. I'm worried about my little "Wags". I'm hoping for some insight. He's our new 4 month old mini donk and I noticed him coughing this afternoon. I took his temp and it was 102.2 that was at 5:00pm. (Normal temp for the lil' ones is 97.8 -102.1)I called and left a msg for my vet to call me. My vet said to give him a shot of pennicillin (sp?) but the our TSC store was closed by the time the vet called me back. Dummy me, I have none! Now his temperature is 102.8 and he's still coughing at 10:30pm. I know these little guys can go downhill quickly. My vet lives almost an hour away. Do I call him and have him drive out here to give him a shot or do ya think I can wait until morning and go to TSC and get the med to give him? I worry about overreacting and driving my poor vet nuts! Thot I'd bounce it off ya'll first. HELP!
Hi I would call the Vet back and let him know. Do you have any Banamine to give him. This will help bring down the temp. If no banamine I would call the Vet. Better to have him make a trip then the baby get worse.


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