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May 5, 2007
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A friend of mine lives far from the vet. So the vet suggests that she doesnt need to get the tests done. or a check p. But to wait until she has a few foals. I figured I would get an overall feel. Do you call the vet when your mare foals? If so do they do the IgG test?
No we don't call the vet unless there is a problem. We buy the tests from her and do the tests ourselves, plus we physically inspect the placenta and make sure it is intact.

After losing foals, and almost losing an arab filly (we would have lost her had we not done the test), we are pretty religious about testing every foal. $25 or so well spent and much cheaper than a $100+ vet call.
we always have the vet out to do IgG the day a foal is born

I would rather test than take a chance but the results

aren't usually available for 1-2 days so possibly we would

already know by then there was a problem.

How long does it usually take to notice a problem?

if you do not test
That is what the vet told her, by the time the tests come back you would already notice a problem. She will still do the test on her own though. We seen 2 types of tests, one was blood and the other was colustrum. Which test do you do?
Guess I'm a bit confused. The IgG tests done here take about 10-15 minutes for results?

We don't have every foal tested unless we think there might be a problem with transfer....foal slow to nurse or some such.

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The test we do is blood and takes something like 8 minutes. Proven to work, I wouldn't bother with one that takes days, it is already too late.

Foals are quiet, sleep a lot, then are dead.
What brand do you use. Where do you draw the blood from? Thanks
I agree with Charlotte, it takes just minutes and I only have it done if I suspect there may be a problem.
I'm so glad you asked this question Lea

what brand or type of tests do you use?

I found this when there was another discussion of people doing their own

what do you think, or would you recommemd something else

IgG test

sorry if I hijacked this post just got me going too

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How is it done, with blood?

You are so silly hijacking the thread!!!! I too want to learn about this and so does my friend without a vet!!!!

The more info the better.
After losing a foal last year due to ecoli (IgG problem which led to this), we are opting to test every foal this year for the IgG levels as a precaution. I think I will just feel better if I know. So, we are going to have our vet do the test between 12- 18 hours after birth. My understanding is that it only takes minutes and then we will know if we need to do an IV plasma treatment right away. I have been told from our vet that the cost is $10.00 for the test- I figure it is well worth it.

Good luck-

Well worth it for 10.00. When my vet does it the cost is 240.00. Take advantage of the 10.00 test.
The test itself is very inexpensive. But having the vet come out is where the cost comes in.........They usually will also do a mare and foal health check while there and that jacks the cost up.

We've always had the vet do the test, although I know it can be purchased and done by the horse owner. And we only have it done (had the vet out) when we have a question about either the Passive Transfer of Antibodies or any other question about the health of either mare or foal.
Though we do many things here on our own with a phone call to our vet we have every foal looked at and given a clean bill of health (or Not) then we know right away if there is something that needs to be done. We do IGG and if there is any problem as with Harvey a CBC was done and while he is here he checks the placenta though we usually know before he looks that it is intact, and checks the mare to be sure all is well with the mare so yes it probably does run roughly $200 per foal but at least we know what we are up against. The IGG by itself is not expensive and can tell so much about the health of the baby. It takes less than an hour for results.
our bill ends up in the 200's also but it does include check up for mare and foal and

examining the placenta

but why does it take us at least a day sometimes 2 for our vet to call with the results do your vets have something they carry with them to do an IgG on the spot
I had planned NOT to have IgG tests done. I've had them done 2x in the past and all was well however, I chickened out and did have the vet out after Ducky was born and will do the same after my other mare foals. The vet did the IgG, looked over the placenta, and did a check up of Ducky and the dam. Until I have more experience with what is normal for foals in terms of behavoir, it will be worth the peace of mind to me to have my vet come by and do the IgG and checkups.
The test we use is called the SNAP test, not sure if that is the brand name. We get those and the purple topped tubes from our vet as you need to put the blood in the tube which has an anticoagulant. I know there is also a way to do it bypassing the tube, but this is what we do.

The blood is from the jugular vein. We are lucky, Libby Rosen (Mistyrose) lives about 10 miles from us and she comes and does the blood draw while we restrain the foal. It is a two person job. She draws the blood, puts it in the tube (if not enough blood to inject into the tube you can take the top off and drop the blood in the cap, then put the blood into the mixture for the test.

I went to that link. It draws bllod. But I also found one that tests the colustrum. Do they test for the same thing???
No, the blood is ensuring that baby got antibodies.

The mare can have antibodies, but if baby doesn't process them, only the blood of baby will tell you that.

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