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Mar 10, 2004
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I have responded to 3 want ads with pictures and descriptions of possible horses they might like and not one person replied. Not a word. And it's been a couple weeks.

I'm not Emily Post or Miss Manners or anything, but geesh, just say "thanks, but no thanks" instead of ignoring us.

You would think people would be considerate about you responding to there ad

I agree fully!

It is ALWAYS polite to say "thanks" whether you post a want add or ask for more information, especially when one goes out of their way to respond!
I totally agree too! I have actually placed a wanted ad before...and I responded to everyone who sent me info on horses they had for sale. It's very easy to just say sorry...but your horse isn't quite what I was looking for! Same goes for people who have emailed you about a horse you have for sale....if it turns out not to be what you had hoped....tell the seller that! I'd much rather know you're not interested than wait around not knowing.

OMG that is so rude! What is wrong with people? DO oyu think it's maybe youngsters too young to really be in postiton to offer to buy?

I KNOW they're are many youngsters on here that are wonderful, but some are too young to buy and maybe have stars in their eyes?

God knows I have and even asked about another gelding, however after mulling it over realized we just couldn't make it work right now.

That lady was SO grascious about it all, and said we were welcome to come back any time! I would have NEVER left her hanging.

I have posted want ads and have responded to all inquiries (except obvious scams). I think it would be nice to get a thank you from people when I send pictures, pedigree and other information. How am I to even know that they received the information if I don't even get an acknowledgement?

Don't foget that even in this age of technology, some e-mails just don't go through (ISPs sometimes don't "get along", e-mail addresses missed typed and such). I had that problem when I was looking to buy my yearling. I sent an e-mail to the seller (direct link from their site and copy and paste to my e-mail account), got no response... I happened to mention this to a friend that knows the seller, she told me that the seller always responds to inquiries, so I called the seller on the phone (long distance), she had not received my e-mails. I had to give her my e-mail address over the phone, and it still took a couple of tries for e-mails to get through. But, it obviously worked out, since I have my yearling. We spoke a couple times on the phone, but most of the questions and such were dealt with through e-mail. I like to see things in writing, as it helps to clarify information for me.

If you are really interested in the horses you inquired about, you may want to go ahead and use the phone.

I have a hotmail account and the account that came with my ISP. The instance with my mini is the only time that I know of that that account (the ISP account) hasn't worked properly. I know there are problems with Hotmail, it's a free account, so they are used extensively by scammers and such. Just about every hotmail e-mail I receive into my hotmail account goes straight to the junk folder. I have to accept them as "good" e-mail or they just don't go to my in-box.

Didn't mean to ramble quite so long.
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I have posted a want add recently and was able to find what I was looking for!

But.. I responded to every email i got. Howver I was also told by a friend that same week that all her emails to me were bouncing back to her yet I was still getting others so who knows how many I didnt get when the people who sent them thought I did or how many emails i sent back and they didnt get them

I personally though try to not sweat the small things and dont get to upset about someone not replying to a add I placed or an inquriy. Now if we have gone back and forth a bit and then they dont tell me they arent interested i might get a bit irked but.. all part of the buisness there are many reasons why someone may or may not answer and sometimes they do and computer issues get in the way.
[SIZE=14pt]A Thanks but no thanks e mail would be nice.[/SIZE]

It is appropriate to reply, interested or not. Unfortunately, not everyone stops to think. Probably they aren't intending to be rude. I really try to let everyone I've considered buying from know if I'm no longer interested and even give a reason if I have one that I think won't hurt their feelings BUT I know especially back when I was new to looking at horses, I did not always respond when I decided against a particular horse. I think what keeps some people from replying is they feel like they're going to give you "bad news" and no one really enjoys that situation.
LisaF. said:
I hope one of them was not for a want add I posted.  I try to e-mail back everyone...but, I have also had PM on the forum that people can't e-mail me...and that they did not receive my e-mail.
I have talked to my internet provider about this.

Sometimes I send  a return receipt...but, then I feel people think I am being rude for that.  So, I don't know which way to go.


I have tried to email you. It will not go through.
I've posted two want ads in the past. I replied back to all of them even with the amount I got was atleast 20 each (one mare and one stallion). I figure if people take the time to respond it's only common curtisy to send them a note back.

Most definately, YES! I do so no matter whether I posted the want ad, or if I am inquiring about someone elses horse and ask for pics and info. I find it very rude to keep people "hanging", not even knowing if the photos/info were received, and God knows, I have inquired about SOOOOOOO many stallions this year, I have even hit a couple more than once!
Yep....still looking.
I Have experienced that in the past, with many things, not just horses.

One thing you might want to give a try is to respond with a question without the pictures etc. to get more information of what they are looking for and get into details first to establish a dialog.

Beyond that, there are no suggestions as many do not go past 1st base :)

I have looked into some of the messages that I sent and didn't get a reply on. Two were sent to an AOL address. (Can't remember the 3rd one)

I remember once that my in-laws changed their e-mail addy and no longer had an AOL account, but when I sent them messages to that AOL address, I didn't get an e-mail saying it failed to reach its destination.

I recommend that when mailing such things to an AOL address, you send it with a "return receipt requested"
Oh, geez. Now I feel bad.

I recently posted a wanted ad. and I had a ton of response to it.

I was able to respond to some people.

But not everyone. (hopefully i will be able to)

I got some virus or ad ware or something on my computer and i spent 8 hours today alone trying to fix it. (with no luck)

It seems to just keep spreading on my computer.

(my daughter thinks it might have come from 1 of the many e-mails i got)

I don't know, but it sure is frustrating.

If I can't get it fixed by Monday, the computer is going to be thrown out the window!!

In any case, if there was anyone from the forum that had e-mailed me about my want to buy ad, and i haven't responded....I apologize.

(I am using my work computer right now)


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