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Dec 1, 2002
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I was looking at the logo that wykd made for Liz R. and thought if we could get a half dozen or so talented artists that I know frequent these boards, to draw up some simple line drawings, we could put together a miniature horse coloring book. I was thinking something classy, a little more grownup than the usual (i.e., not "my little pony" style) depicting miniatures in their natural state, showing, etc., driving so that kids of all ages would enjoy them.

If each person submitted three to six or more drawings, depending on participation, we could have a nice little book. The problem is I don't know how to go about getting it reproduced. Maybe Marty would know since she's already self published a book?

I would be up for donating some drawings.....

There are some beautiful photos that show up on the forum and if some of the people gave permission to use them as drawings to be colored in, that would be nice, too.

Just an idea....

Liz M.
Hey I like that idea! Hmm well have to check into how to get it put together. I know there are places that do it for charities
Ok, cool! I've got at least two others interested in helping, so that's three "artists" to volunteer.

While I like to draw, I also like to color, and yes, having kids is such a great excuse to get out those art materials. I always get laughed at when we're out at restaurants and I'm playing with the crayons more than the kids.


kaykay, let me know when/if you find something that's workable as far as to get it into a book or tearout form. Of course if it's a coloring book, the paper quality is a bit of an issue. We want it to stand up to crayons but some people like to use felt pens, too and those can be hard on the cheaper type paper, but we have to go with what's available so that the most $$ can go to the rescue.

Now, does anyone have some good photos they think would make good coloring book drawings?

Liz M.
Well I'm not much of an artist but I'd definitely buy the coloring book. Ok ok, for myself...
...but only because it's for a good cause.
Hey liz

Im working on seeing how much it will be to have this printed. Ill do a drawing too! and lets hit up Robin T. How many pages are we thinking of??? I agree the paper quality needs to be good. Im thinking the white paper instead of the off white cheaper stuff. Email me [email protected]
i could help, people could send me a few pics and i could make drawing of them. One of my pictures in on the little beginnings forum.They are sorta cartoonish. But they might work. I would be happy to help
Im sorry to say that the coloring book is on hold. I cannot get anyone to mail me the original line drawings. The person who offerred to publish it for us says that it cannot be printed from emailed pictures. They have to be the original line drawing. I was really hoping to have this in time to sell for Christmas but I only received one persons drawings in the mail. I even posted on the big board but did not get any response.

I didn't see the announcement regarding this.

I can mail you the drawings this week. Or would you rather we held onto them?

I wondered about those scanned drawings if they would work.


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