I would like you to see SONNY, at 25 years young

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Yes, the link works.

He is handsome! I am partial to the "senior" horses. I have three: 27, 29, and 30 years young.

It looked like a beautiful day there!
He looks great Marty! What a grand old man.

Wow his topline is awesome! He looks great. Has he been on that show 10 Years Younger?

wow marty he looks awesome!!! i can see why you love him so much
He is beautiful and your good care shows in him. Your place looks great!


You have done a great job taking care of him. He looks fantastic for his age, in fact I never would have guessed he was that old
25 years young ... Bless his heart. He looks wonderful. You can see how much he LOVES the good life

Thanks for sharing, Debby

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