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Nov 30, 2003
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Hi everyone!!

I already PMed with Kay, because I wanted to help in CMHR, too. Kay told me that CMHR cannot rescue horses here in Europe, because the laws are different
but that I could become a member anyway and help with posting here. BUT I think CMHR is such a great idea and concept and I would love to be more active in rescuing horses.

Now, I know some people here on the forums are from Europe, too, and I'd like to know if anyone of you knows an organisation (European or German) that rescues and helps horses in need.

I applaude your attitude and wish you well in finding a local rescue. I hope you would consider joining us and as Kay said computer work is how we manage. So even if you're across the ocean, you can still help. I understand the need for hands on though and hope you find what you're looking for.

Maybe do an internet search for rescues in your area?? I know thats a good way to find them here in the states. We would sure welcome your help here if you decide to join in
Also my friend Penne is in France and she would also like to do something there.

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