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Nov 30, 2002
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We went and rode this girl yesterday. We rode her in saddle and bare back. She is trained to seat ques as well as the reins. She loves kids and really did the best with my step son, but she was amazing with me as well. She is a older gal at 17 but is very nice to work with. Here is the add about her:

Soxy Straw Maid

Soxy is our lesson horse for children is trained in intro dressage and walk trot pleasure(Canter transitions are kinda choppy still) She is our main trail horse going on 5-10 mile trail rides all this spring. She is a dead broke mare that is safe with kids to ride and on the ground. And is the horse that brings kids to there first show.

Been A lesson horse for all ages

Loves kids

Been To 4-h Events, Rides English and westren

Trained in intro Dressage and Walk Trot Pleasure

Great Kids horse

Birth Date: 03-06-1991

Height: 15.2 hands

Temperament: 2 (1=Very Quiet, 10=Highly Spirited)

Soxy is a wonderfull girl she is the perfect first horse for anyone and everyone she has done it all. Soxy is wonderful you can do everything with her I have swam in lakes with her, back flips off her, rode her triple she has been to 4-h events and overnight trail rides she has been shown with a novice 6yr old girl and placed in all her classes. Soxy is ridden by 2-50 year olds and is a baby sitter mare. And for 16 she still will place in the halter classes. Soxy can be ridden right next to rods and traffic and not even flinch even when dump trucks go bye. And Soxy has been ridden in western and English and you can even hop on her with nothing at all on in the pasture. Soxy has been trained to intro level dressage and also walk trot westren/englsh pleasure. Not only is she a wonderful mare but she has a fantastic pedagree with Roman Straw Man and multiple world halter champions and horses triple AAA rated at the track. I cant say enough good things about Soxy. The only reason I am selling her is because have to potential dressage colts to train and a younger dressage mare to finish. If you are looking for your first horse for a young child soxy would be perfect. Soxy will go to an approved home only.


Barrel Racing Breeding Dressage

English Pleasure Halter Park

Reining Show Trail Horse

Western Pleasure Youth Horse


Soxy Straw Maid

Straw To Boot

Roman Straw Man

Hayes Roman Cloud

My Straw

Mini Go Otoe

Carrie Sis

Peavys April Lea Peavys Repeat Mighty Peavy

Blue Snow Bar

Cindy Lea Baleo



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We spent 5 hours with her yesterday and she didnt change at all. She is good with all her feet, cleaning brushing all that. The girl did several things with her to show how she acts. My step son was on her alot, when she was just tied she fell asleep with him up there. She is super sweet. And I also think I might have gotten a new person into minis as well.
She's a pretty gal! And sounds wonderful! 17 isn't very old.
Ohhhhh... look how pretty she is !!!! You're sure the lucky one to come across a horse like that. She sounds absolutely perfect!!!
she's lovely and sounds just like what you need and she's the PERFECT age. the only word of caution i would give you is that it's well worth the time/money spent to have her vet checked and have your farrier look at her.

i don't mean to imply for one minute that this is a dishonest seller but if you can, it wouldn't hurt to make an impromptu, surprise visit to this mare a couple of times.

has she ever been stalled? make sure she's not a cribber. oh i think i'm just way too "cynical" because i've seen SO many "good" sales turn into new-owner-nightmares. :DOH!

good luck with your decision. she's VERY pretty!
Yes she has been stalled as she has been shown in the past. However she wont be stalled her so not really to worried.

I dont have a farrier as I do my own work. I looked at her feet and they looked really well to me. Good shape, no cracks or major chunks missing. No indication of thrush or white line.

I just love her. I sat there and rubed her face and chin for ever and she just lowered her head into my chest and went to sleep. I think she will work perfect for us.

Of coarse for me to get big horses I am cutting back on my minis, getting down to just a few pets. My first true love has always been big horses and I always said one day I would have them.
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She sounds great...I hope all goes well.

I have to agree with Charlene. I would always have a vet check and front x-rays done on any riding horse I purchase. Nowadays vets don't "pass" or "fail" a horse; they just help evaluate if the horse will be appropriate for what you want to do with it. I have found that it's money well spent. There's nothing more heartbreaking than buying a horse and then finding out sooner rather than later that it has soundness issues. Not that a vet check will guarantee anything...it just lets you go into the deal with your eyes wide open with all the facts.

Good luck!
Well, congratulations and I hope she works out just right, because it seems like you've fallen in love!

she looks great for her age- love the oldies..........so good with the kids and the older folks.........
What fabulous horse! She reminds me very much of my horse Tasai!

Shes not as trained as they say she is, but is still excellent for a beginniner. I did find out tonight why they say to make sure your saddle is tight!
She sounds - and looks - a good bit like the first mare we bought for our daughter. Shadow was 14 at the time (my daughter was 6). She is 15'2, kind honest and probably the best horse I have ever owned. She had an ROM in hunter under saddle and a few points in almost everything else, had been used for lessons, trail riding, security work at a mall, you name it, and was the babysitter deluxe. We spent what I thought was a fortune on her at the time, but she has been worth every penny and then some. She's 30 this year
and living a life of leisure. Hope this mare turns out to be as good a purchase as she has been for us.


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