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Mar 24, 2006
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Fruitvale B.C. (Canada)
: Editing my topic to be more specific .

My mare was given to me--sight unseen. I thought her back legs were showing signs of dropped hocks, but ----she was moving out nice--no signs of pain---watched her for any more signs--none until now. She had a good gallop around my field, and was caught again, stalled---then let out again at liberty--and then she came in on her own, and was showing signs of sore dropped hocks---so much that she was switching what foot she rested on in the back frequently--(about every 15-20 seconds).

I am getting my vet in to check her in the morning. She has shown signs of this before--but never this bad. I have yet to ride this horse, but she has been backed before in her previous home. I'll try and get photos of her legs in the morning.

My Girl Looks similar to #7 in that article
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