I love my equipage!

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Nov 30, 2002
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Have a maiden mare under camera with her trusty equipage on, at 3:30 this morning it goes off, I check her out on the TV and see some twitching-race to the barn-false alarm-she's only sleeping. I crouch down in the aisle to watch her for awhile-didnt want to disturb her-off to my right just a few feet away comes this copperhead heading right for the stall next to her, I run up the aisle to get a shovel-no shovel! Run back get mare and move her way up the barn, snake is now moving into her pen- mean time I am trying to signal to DH on the cam to haul booty and get out here-he thinks I am doing some type of Indian Rain Dance and cant see the snake. Eventually he gets out there and we decapitate it quite nicely. If it werent for the Equipage it could have been a whole lot worse, I do believe someone up above is watching out for us. Did I mention I hate snakes.
Find a way to incorporate that snake's skin into the foal's show halter later on.

Should be good luck.
Wow that was a close call!!!! Good looking out on your part and for sure someone was looking out for your mare!