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Jun 29, 2005
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New Ross, Indiana
I needed to get rid of my 10 month old stud colt (big horse), so traded for a 3 yr. old pony mare. She is pretty skinny, I thought about giving her B12 Complex, all I have is in a vaccine, I want to make sure it is alright to give her. I give it to the goats when they are puney. I know you can give it to them in a tube. Has anybody done this. thanks in advance
I think I would just feed her properly for awhile, then if she doesn't pick up use the B-12 if needed.

She may just need good groceries and a deworming. If she's thin, I'd start with free choice grass hay and very slowly add in a ration balancer or whatever grain-type product you use. [i use a ration balancer.]

Good luck with her. Where are the pictures?
I would ditto both Chandra and Nicole........ We also keep Red Cell in our feed room, which has the vitamin B-12 in it. It's a good "blood booster" for horses that need extra help. But normally an underweight horse just needs good all around groceries. I'm a fan of the Senior Complete Feed. It already has vitamins and minerals in it, plus is high in fat.

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