I can't decide--should I or shouldn't I

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Roxane Martin

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Nov 23, 2003
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Northeastern PA
I guess I understand the "mini addiction" now. I have two mini geldings, and there is a getting-bred mini mare (not mine) here at the farm too. They are all A-size. I am toying with the idea of getting another gelding, or adult (non-broodmare).

I keep asking myself why. The rational side of me says, "but will you have time to spend with the new one and not take away from the others?" This will mean more hay to buy and more poop to shovel. It means more money for vet shots, Coggins and farrier. But I do have a good job and can afford that. It does mean more work though, let's face it.

But the other side of me loves to see a bunch of horses having all of their interactions, which with minis you then have more room to allow. I like to see them play with each other, to have a "herd". The one I'm thinking of is a different color (OK, I'm a sucker for pretty looking horses) and a bit bigger (a small, "B"). He has been trained to show halter, so he would be easier for me to try to do that, and he opens up a different category in shows (B rather than A). The other thing is the one I am thinking of has a trainer who would give me lessons for showing as part of the deal. It would be a good way to learn some stuff.

The other boys have their niches--the pinto is the "companion", the buddy for the Prince to play with. Prince is the scamp but who I am trying to teach obstacle and liberty to, and to take walks with.

I want to do right by all concerned--my own horses, this horse, the mare and her owner. I don't take the responsibility lightly. I'm trying to be aware to not force things, if it's meant to be, the doors will open; if not, opportunities will close.

So what do you let rule--your heart or your head? How do you decide if you should or shouldn't get another?
When it concerns getting more miis, the heart RULES!!!!
You should-- You can never have two many minis.
i would love 2 own more minis 2, but my dad won't allow it, you need to look at the long term effect & costs... like you said.. i have 3 & 3 big horses, & in the summer i'm their ownly care giver.. & it is over wheling sum times.. its fun & worth it, just some times they don't get the time or care they need

on the other hand, you made sum good points, i have 2 A minis, & 1 B & i really like having both sides(As are cute & worth more but Bs are a little more fit & sporty)

if i were you, i would look at my pros & cons.. i would look 2 buy after the baby.. & i would buy a mare (u can get some nice looking geldings tho!
) so that in later years, if you wish you could breed her. i would try 2 get a 2-5 yr old mare w/ alittle bit of training in the area of work you want her for.. ei. halter. the cost 2 buy here would be higher, but you said you have a good job, & you could slowly save up.

IMO i think you should buy a nother mini... in a year or 2 or 3..

but thats my opinnion.. it your choice.. so do your pros & cons

its a good investment!


hope this helps!

Up until now my heart has DEFINATELY ruled and there was no rational behind it!! But finally now I have decided to allow my head make the decisions because it is better in the long run. IMO 2 -3 is not a huge jump but I'm not you!

I am seeing so MANY ads lately saying "Need to cut back, we have too many horses", I think with mini's most make decisions with their hearts!

A friend just gave me a little present a simple sign that said "SIMPLIFY", for me this is a must BUT I have 3 kids 5 and under!

Think it through and then wait and see, seems to me you have it all figured out, "If it was meant to be it will all work out!"

Good Luck! Let us know when you bring her home!
Just kidding!!!!!
My heart does not rule over my budget Roxanne. My finances and time rules over everything.

I'm a planner and it takes me weeks, months, and years for me to get a plan in place. I have to live with my decisions so I do not take them lightly. I never make snap decisions in buying or selling. I can afford more horses, I can house more horses easily, but that doesn't give me the green light to go buy more without thinking it all through very carefully and slowly. Just how thin do I want to spread myself physically and mentally is always a question I would ask myself too.

I usually go by the old rule: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Ha, neither my heart nor my head rule as most times they both lie! My time to devote to them and my pocketbook is what usually rules.
HI ! I say, the more the merrier. I think 6 is a great number, but I am up to 11 if you include the colt that will be weaned in August. I have a knock out 2 year old filly if you are interested!

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