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Well, I haven't updated in a few weeks. So here we go. I've had a few weeks of physical therapy now and am doing good. I'll probably go back to work around the first week of May. I've still got to build up some strength and stamina back in my right leg ( the one that got all the work done to it). So this will probably be my last update on this subject. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers.
Well I got home Saturday around noon. They took a muncle flap and skin from my calf and covere the top of my ankle. Then took a skin graft from the top of my thigh to cover my calf. I’m not in a whole lot of pain now. I’m supposed to keep it elevated all the time. I’v got to go back down there to the doctor to change the dressing and see how it’s doing. I’ll probably have to go back next week too. The best we can tell here at home it looks like it’s doing good. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

I'm glad to hear that you're back home and that the procedure went well!
Thanks for the update. Glad to hear your physical therapy is going well. Wishing you continued progress. Take care!

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