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Nov 30, 2002
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Sorry folks but I couldn't get any closer and I was not getting out of my truck. The mules were not by the road today where I could get a clear view. One really looks ok. The other one is not in good condition at all. His ribs are showing and back bone is sticking up. There was a bucket of spilled water and nothing else.


This is the big wagon I told you about in the other post that they have to pull. It has seating for atleast 12 adults, because I've seen atleast that many people in it. They pull this to town and back, about 35 miles round trip and then they come up this steep mountain to the state part and back down. So they easily do 50 miles each time they are out. However, when a mule is fit, they are sturdy and have stamina and can do this.....

I took this picture from inside my truck as I was not getting out of it for nothing.

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sad even from the pic so far away you can tell then are not fat and sassy
I feel so sorry for these mules! Hopefully someone out of Illinois will be able to help them. 50 miles is a LONGGGGGGGGG trip for a mule in THAT shape! its horrible. Corinne
You say these mules are in Illinois? Notify either Hooved Animal Humane Society or Hooved Animal Recue and Protection Society. Illinois has the toughest laws on the books and will do something aout them. They have the authority to go onto private property and confiscate animals. They each have websites to contact them.
contact the Tennessee Dept of Agriculture. I did that only in Louisiana.
Hey mcharr36, I live in Louisiana too. Nice to see someone else from down here on the board

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