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Aug 20, 2003
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Oh My, I am so excited, I'm sure I will be WORTHLESS at work this week! Flying out Saturday, will be there in time for Saturday night classes...

I made up a bunch of tee shirts with my farm name and photos of my favorite horses! Alladdin and the rest of the gang. They are so cute, I wore one to the fair on Saturday, and had several people compliment me on my "babies."

I also made some buttons with pictures of my horses and my LB handle, ClickMini.

So look for the crazy lady with the Finch Meadow Farm tee shirts and the ClickMini buttons, that will be ME!!! LOL!!!

See you all there!
I ordered a few buttons with Lotto on them and have a home made one with REO on it. I wanted to get T-shirts, but didn't.

We plan to be up there 13-14th. I'll look for you!
I've never been to AMHR Nationals....but, hope to do so in '06. Actually, I haven't been to an AMHA Nationals in a long time but, that's on my '06 calendar also.

My son & wife wanted to have a lot on my farm -- they have it...........helping with the horses while mom goes to shows is the cost
At 40, he should be able to handle the chores!

WoooHoooo...........I can hardly wait!
Yes, this kid does know about horses -- heck, I even paid and sent him to farrier school. Well, I should have sent myself! He's a house framer -- yeah, hammers in both jobs
He loves the horses but, houses are easier than being a farrier.

Wish everyone luck at the show. Also, wish I was there.

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