How many driving horses do we have here now?

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Pepper is my one and only equine, and he's the best driving horse I've ever driven! I've had him almost 15 years, and he is still going strong as he nears his 26th birthday!
We have two that are safe and seasoned JPF Jimmy Doolittle and DF Princess Ariela. Ariel is headed to the beach drive this weekend.

Thanks to Dorothy and her gentle training we also have the newbie Koda Bear.
We have 1 -32"(8 yr old stallion) that drives Western Pleasure.

1 mare 34" (6 yr old) that goes best at Country Pleasure.

1 gelding 34"(23 yr old ) that my granddaughter (age 6) drives Pleasure.

1 gelding double reg. ASPC/AMHR shown this year in Park Harness in mini and Modern Pleasure in Shetland.
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My gelding, "Raleigh" (Silver Meadows Rollie's First Affair by Silver Meadows Raleigh), is broke to drive. His last owner told me that he had been shown in-harness in the past, but, unfortunately, I do not know in what class(es)/style. I have not driven him since I "test drove" him before I purchased back in the spring, but I hope to begin working him next week. He is going to get a "refresher course" before he is hitched again.

My 23 year old American Quarter Horse (my "heart" horse) is broke to drive and has been shown extensively in-harness in the past. She has not been driven in almost exactly 10 years, but, if I had a cart her size (currently I only have a Miniature-size easy entry cart and a Miniature-size show cart), I would trust her with my life.
Three here. The mini girls Locita and Suzy, and my 3 yr old section B Welsh filly Bella. I have been gone all summer and have missed driving my girls terribly. I am finally home and so looking forward to getting my now rather rotund trio back in shape!
I can remember when this part of the forum started, and it is my most visited part still. So, I thought it might be fun to tally up how many driving horses we have on here now. So lurkers, come on- we want to know about you too....

We have 3 here: Wish, Banner and Buck.....


I have two here. Cody and Cooper. Cody is a great down the road guy. Nothing bothers him. He will go for miles at a good clip.

Cooper is a country pleasure horse. He currently is being trained for dressage and CDE events. So far, so good.

www.IAMRanch.comDriving is our love and when a horse hits our home, she or he can count on learning. We have yet to keep a mare just as a broodmare. Driving is too much fun, whether it is around the neighborhood,in the show ring or in a parade!

Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE - Country Pleasure....maybe Single

Woodland Acres Bi Dandys Fire Design - Very fancy Country Pleasure

McCarthys Cameo - Very fancy Country Pleasure...maybe Single

La Vista Justine - Very fancy Country Pleasure

I AM Rhythms Angel Eyes - Country Pleasure

I AM Rhythms Cameo - Single Pleasure, Roadster

Candylands Secret Treasure - Single Pleasure

Wee Wees Double Magic Lady - Wonderful for around the neighborhood

Crystals Easter Lily - Neighborhood, but country pleasure in style

Little Kings Dream Doll - Neighborhood, but country pleasure in style

Vermilyea Farms Dandys Blue Rhythm - Country Pleasure, Coming soon

Vermilyea Farms Dandys Dancing Flame - Country Pleasure

Started is

I AM A Double Dandy - Probably Single Pleasure

Versatality Farms SomethingAboutMary - Don't know yet, may be a super extended classic pleasure mare

On the list to be started is:

Cocis Just Brillant - Country Pleasure

CandylandsDandyRollerOfWhitneyville - Country Pleasure...maybe Single

We just lost 2 driving horses. Whitneyvilles Steam Roller died on July 11 and Painted Suns You Gotta Have Faith flew to England.
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Lets see...I have a buckskin half Welsh pony mare, Mariposa, and her buckskin 3/4 Welsh pony filly, Lilly, which I hope to make my driving pair. The mare is green broke now and the filly is learning about woah! She is only a year old.

Mariposa first day in harness8.JPG DSCF1118-copy.JPG

Then there is my black Modern Shetland gelding, Starbuck WAH that is going nicely in harness and is waiting for me to finish his cart to continue...

StarbuckWAH.gif Starbuck driving with Muffy Seaton Apr 29 \'11.jpg

My silver Dapple pinto 34" mini mare, Palace Mr Presidents First Lady, aka "Lady" is green but super quiet...and my all grey (actually a pinto) 33.5" mini mare, Palace Majestys Lady Jezebel aka "Jezi" that is a driving machine!

Lady at Agarita Ranch.jpg DSCF7659-cropped.JPG

just jez5.JPG

And there are my riding horses who have been tortured with my driving antics as well. My Half Arab/Westphalian gelding, Feather and my Arabian gelding Tango...

Feather cookie smash close up.jpgTango tub twirlin 4.jpg


Oh and I almost forgot my bay 2 year old stallion that I have ground driven once!!!

Cooper ground driving Jan 6 \'11.jpg


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I've got 1 seasoned, 1 who is hitched, 1 green, and about 4 or 5 in various stages of "pre-hitching" training (bitting rig, long lines, etc)
Let's see, we have:

1. Mountain Highs AMayZing-- now a broodmare but she Hall of Famed in Country Driving, Pleasure Driving, and Roadster

2. Magic Mist Wildfire -- also now a broodmare but she very well in her limited driving career

3. Mountain Meadows Spring Tyme Wishes -- alternately a broodmare and driving

4. Foxey's Vanity Girl -- bought her in foal but she's very experienced in driving so great for the grandkids, rides too

5. NJ's Some Kinda Cat -- very talented Country Driving mare, took Reserve in the AMHR Futurity

6. Magic Mist Color On Fire -- my multi-talented, oh-so-fun gelding, love him!

7. Erica's Streakin For Bucks -- one of our stallions, just learned to drive this year and needs more experience but he's got a super work ethic and really enjoys driving

So, currently seven driving horses here. We keep selling driving horses from time to time too, which I'm thrilled about whether they go into the show ring or reliably cart their new owners around their neighborhoods. There are several more that I want to start, our other geldings need to get going and I do enjoy having driving mares (and stallions) too.

Long live driving!!
I have one mare that is my driving horse. Her name is T's Foxy Roxy and she is the most wonderful one of a kind horse ever. I have ridden all of my life and tried driving 2 years ago and was hooked.

I love all the information shared from all the seasoned drivers here on LB so thanks so very much.

Oh, REO...

Could we all go back and add photos (with names) and then pin this topic for future reference? People could then continue to add as they introduce new driving horses to our group.
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I can now add to this. Comes Oct I will have one here Star Lake Lanceolot
We have several who drive and they all can but some are just no fun to drive example: Coco who thinks we are nuts, and that he is above pulling his vending machine around in that weird cart,(no buck or spook he just won't go). But I can hook him and lead him around while he pulls the cart.

Blacky, Dusty, and Boomer are the main Awesome driving mini's. Then there is Cisco who will drive but he's so little I don't have the heart to make him haul me around, the rest are all in training or for 1 reason or another will drive but just don't like it which in turn are no fun to drive. Toby Drives but has me trained to get out and check him for the bitting flys he's is constantly stomping about when in harness, so I see no fly's and check the harness fit for pinching ect. He will do his job but when I have ponies who aren't fussy in harness why put him and myself out. So I haven't harnessed him in a year and he gets ridden now instead
I believe in training them and giving them a chance but some just never like it and for most part I want my ponies/mini's to enjoy our time togethere.

Happy Driving

4 actual driving mini's

2 in training

3 not much fun to drive
I don't think I posted yet:

We have 4 and 2 halves (whee! that makes a whole-right?)

Shadow (19) who we thought we retired-but ground drove the other night and he was popping right along.

Babe (18) still going. went on a 4 mile trail drive last weekend.

Tux (7)

Dazzle (11) (my Mom's horse)

Jag (7) barely started at his age! going to R.B.'s for training next month-he'll get 'er done.

Nitro (15 months) OK, he not really in training for driving yet; be anything at this stage is still a basis for it-ya' think!
Two here that I am currently driving, a B gelding and an A mare. Six others (I think) on the place who have had their turn and been retired for one reason or another, and at least three or four good prospects, one of which is in the process of learning.

I have LM Jesse's Son-Sonny, 37. I've waited 3 years for him to get trained and this year my trainer trained him. He's country western.


I'm taking him to Nationals. I'm so excited. I hope he does well and even if not, I KNOW I'm going to cry cause I've waited for this moment for 3 long years to do this with him. The first time I drove with him the judges must have thought what's wrong with this crazy lady. I was just crying and crying. It's that moment that's just SOOO exciting that's so indescribable when you drive them that you've just so over whelmed you can do nothing but cry. Plus, he was my husbands favorite horse and he passed away almost 2 years ago now, and he'd been so proud to see Sonny out there driving around. I told my husband in the arena that drive was for him.

Two here:

Rascal who has always been a Pleasure driver, but is now converting to Darby and Obstacle

PJ who always hung out at the barn but is now Combined Driving
I have 1, Roxy - 35", that's been driving 3 years now. She's my driving machine!! We drive in the show ring or just around the house. She loves pulling stuff and taking on passing cars as a new speed challenge!! Hoping to get her driving team with Chyanne, another up and coming driving horse.

2010 county fair


2009 local show


This is Chyanne and she's 35" tall. I started her last summer driving but never finished her. She's been ground driven and hitched a few times but I'm planning on starting from the beginning this fall with her. Planning on breaking her to drive single and then team with Roxy.


I also have an A filly, Misty, who is 31", that I will eventually break to drive once I'm done training Chyanne.

So all in all I'll have 3 driving within the next two years!!

Becky M.
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